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154 Mexico Captions For Instagram – Puns, Quotes & Short Captions

From the stunning beaches to the bustling cities, Mexico has it all. But how do you capture the essence of this incredible country in just one caption?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve rounded up the best Mexico Instagram captions that will make your followers say “¡Ay caramba!” and leave them craving a trip south of the border.

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Best Mexico Instagram Captions

These captions work for any place you’re visiting in Mexico including Mexico City, Tulum, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Tijuana, Oaxaca and more.

Cute Mexico Captions For Instagram

  1. Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat
  1. This señorita needs a margarita
  1. Mexico: the perfect place to go for a little bit of sunshine and a whole lot of tequila
  1. Once upon a time in Mexico…
  1. Fiesta like there’s no mañana
  1. The sun, the sand and a drink in my hand
  1. Happiness is chips and guacamole
  1. The best memories are made in flip flops
  1. Mexico, where the beaches are sandy and the margaritas are always on the rocks
  1. When life gives you lemons…slice them up and find some tequila
  1. Thinking about that summer body but also thinking about tacos
  1. Just another day in Mexico, soaking up the sun and pretending I know how to salsa
  1. Today’s good mood is sponsored by Mexico
  1. I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I’m just in Mexico
Cute Mexico Instagram caption - I'm in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I'm just in Mexico.
  1. If you haven’t experienced a Mexican street taco, you haven’t lived!
  1. When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do…eat all the tacos!
  1. I could get used to this non-stop fiesta
  1. Beachside margaritas with my señoritas
  1. I thought I knew what spicy was until I tried Mexican food
  1. All good stories start in Mexico
  1. All a girl needs in life is a little tequila
  1. Mexico: where the music is loud, the tequila is strong and the memories are unforgettable
  1. Mexico is where my heart and stomach are happiest
  1. It’s a ‘I want to move to Mexico and live off tacos and tequila’ kinda day
  1. Mexico City is always a good idea
  1. Enjoying life one taco at a time
  1. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a ticket to Mexico and that’s kind of the same thing
  1. Calories don’t count in Mexico
  1. A balanced diet is a taco in each hand
Funny Mexico caption for Instagram - Mexico is where my heart and stomach are happiest.
  1. Say hola to my little friend, the burrito!
  1. Life is short, take the trip to Tulum
  1. Where the tacos are always fresh, the cerveza is always cold and the tequila is always flowing

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Funny Mexico Instagram Captions

  1. Yesterday I really wanted tacos. Today, I’m eating tacos. Follow your dreams
  1. In Mexico, we don’t take life too seriously, we just take our tacos seriously
  1. It’s Taco Tuesday every day in Mexico
  1. I tried to learn Spanish in Mexico but all I can say now is ‘cerveza, por favor’
  1. Tequila, because it’s Mexico somewhere
  1. In Mexico, the tequila is stronger than the WiFi signal
  1. I left my heart in Mexico but at least I have guacamole
  1. Mexico: Where even the cacti have a little bit of sass!
  1. Let’s get this margarita started!
  1. A margarita a day keeps the doctor away
  1. Mexico, where the heat is intense and the A/C is non-existent
  1. The only thing hotter than the salsa in Mexico is the weather
Funny Mexico Instagram caption - I left my heart in Mexico but at least I have guacamole.
  1. I went to Mexico and all I got was a great tan and a mild case of tequila-induced amnesia
  1. My diet in Mexico consists of 90% guacamole and 10% regret
  1. Mexican sunsets are like a work of art except they’re free and you can drink tequila while admiring them
  1. Mexico: where the only thing hotter than the weather is the salsa
  1. When life gives you limes, make margaritas and head to Mexico!
  1. Mexico: the only place where you can have a mariachi band follow you around all day

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Funny Mexico Puns

  1. I need some vitamin C-abo
  1. Mex-cellent adventures in Mexico
  1. I hate tacos said no Juan ever!
  1. Guac on!
  1. Beach please, I’m in Mexico
  1. I hate tequila said no Juan ever!
  1. I’m guac‘n’rollin’ my way through Mexico
  1. I’m taco-ing a lot of pictures in Mexico
  1. Let’s taco ’bout going to Mexico
Clever Mexico instagram caption - Mexico: where the only thing hotter than the weather is the salsa.
  1. Wow, this place is Mex-cellent!
  1. I am moving to Mexico! Tijuana know why?
  1. My wife won’t come to Mexico with me. She thinks I will try tequila
  1. I’m nacho average tourist!
  1. This is nacho average vacation
  1. Churr’ up and have a churro
  1. Lost at sea? I’m not shore
  1. Taco ’bout a view!
  1. Alcohol you later!
  1. Don’t worry. Beach happy
  1. Long time, no sea!
  1. Mexico is spec-taco-lar
  1. Mexico, you guac my world!
  1. Churr‘ all I need
  1. Tequila may not be the answer…but it’s worth a shot
Funny Mexico pun - Let's taco 'bout going to Mexico
  1. Wow, Mexico really is burrito-full
  1. Holy guacamole, Mexico is awesome
  1. Just another Juan of dos days
  1. If you ask me to go, I’ll say Mexi-NO
  1. Mexico is the Juan for me

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Short Mexico Captions

  1. You, me and tacos
  1. Te amo Mexico
  1. Sunsets and cervezas
  1. ¡Viva México!
  1. Good times and tan lines
  1. Mexican vibes only
  1. Soup of the day: Tequila
  1. Bring on the tacos, baby!
  1. Livin’ la vida loca in Mexico City!
  1. Tacos are my love language
Funny Mexico pun - Just another Juan of dos days.
  1. Mexican dreamin’
  1. Sipping margaritas in paradise
  1. Mexico has my heart
  1. Gone to Mexico. Back never.
  1. Tequila made me do it
  1. Find me under the palms
  1. Tacos and sunshine
  1. Paradise found
  1. Postcard from Mexico
  1. You had me at hola
  1. There’s no place like Mexico
  1. Vacation mode: ON
  1. The land of tacos and tequila

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Inspirational & Beautiful Mexico Captions

  1. I know exactly where my heart is: Mexico
  1. Mexico is a reminder that life is meant to be lived in color and with passion
Short Mexico caption for Instagram - Gone to Mexico, be back never.
  1. Catching feels for this beautiful place
  1. I want to make memories in Mexico
  1. From the colorful streets to the beautiful beaches, Mexico has my heart
  1. In Mexico, I found a piece of myself that I never knew was missing
  1. Sky above, sand below, peace within
  1. Every time I visit Mexico, my heart and soul are filled with joy and wonder
  1. I want someone to look at me the way I look at Mexico
  1. I left a piece of my heart in Mexico but I know I’ll be back for it soon
  1. Vacation in Mexico. Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better
  1. Brb…busy making memories in Mexico
  1. Sunsets in Mexico are like a hug from Mother Nature herself
  1. Take me to Mexico and I’ll never look back
  1. Life is short but my love for Mexico is forever
  1. The beauty of Mexico goes beyond its stunning beaches and colorful streets, it lies within its warm and welcoming people
  1. Mexico, that’s not a place it’s a dream!
Inspirational caption about Mexico - From the colorful streets to the beautiful beaches, Mexico has my heart.
  1. Mexico, the land of color, culture and cervezas!
  1. Mexico is more than just a place, it’s a feeling
  1. Mexico is a country that will capture your heart and soul and leave you longing for more
  1. Watching the sunset over the Mexican horizon is something I’ll never forget
  1. There’s nothing quite like a Mexican beach day to recharge the soul
  1. Mexico is a place where the air is filled with the sound of mariachi music, the aroma of delicious food and the warmth of its people
  1. I never knew how much I needed a siesta until I came to Mexico
  1. Mexico, where every corner is a surprise and every moment is a blessing

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Mexico Quotes For Instagram Captions

  1. “Mexico is a symphony of color, culture and history that leaves an indelible mark on your heart and soul.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “Mexico is a mosaic of different realities and beauties.” – Enrique Pena Nieto
  1. “Visiting Mexico is a transformative experience, where the beauty of its people and places will leave you forever changed.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “I took a trip down to Mexico. It kind of changed my perspective on life a little bit.” – Derrick Favors
Cute instagram caption for Mexico - Life is short but my love for Mexico is forever.
  1. “Visiting Mexico is a journey of the senses, where the taste of its cuisine, the sounds of its music and the sights of its art will leave an imprint on your heart forever.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “And no one drank just one shot of tequila.” – Kristin Hannah
  1. “In Mexico, the sun sets on a world that’s steeped in beauty, mystery and magic.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “Taking it as a whole, Mexico is a grand city, and, as Cortes truly said, it’s situation is marvelous.” – Edward Burnett Tylor
  1. “Visiting Mexico is like stepping into a dream where the colors are brighter, the food is tastier and the people are warmer.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “Mexico extends beyond its borders.” – Vicente Fox
  1. “Mexico is a land of natural wonders, from the crystal-clear waters of Cozumel to the majestic peaks of Popocatepetl.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “Take life with a pinch of salt, a shot of tequila and a wedge of lime. Do nothing at all, but take your time.” – John Walter Bratton
  1. “Mexico is a tapestry of life, woven from the threads of its rich culture and traditions.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “My attitude when I’m in Mexico is I wake up in the morning with nothing to do and I go to bed half done. I don’t wear a watch. When I live down there, I do nothing according to time. I eat when I’m hungry and go to sleep when I’m tired.” – Jesse Ventura 
  1. “Visiting Mexico is like opening a treasure chest, full of gems waiting to be discovered, from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the golden deserts of the north.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “Everything goes better with tacos.” – Rachel Caine
  1. “Mexico is a place where the warmth of the sun meets the warmth of its people and both will leave an everlasting impression on your heart.” – Traveller’s Elixir
Mexico quote - In Mexico, the sun sets on a world that's steeped in beauty, mystery and magic.
  1. “Mexican food is one of the best culinary experiences that people can have.” – Karla Souza
  1. “Mexico is a country of contrasts, where the golden beaches of Puerto Vallarta meet the rugged cliffs of the Baja Peninsula.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “I went to Mexico City to visit and fell in love with the city. I went to my house to pick up my stuff. It was the craziest, most impulsive move I’ve ever done. I just felt like I had to stay there.” – Julieta Venegas
  1. “Mexico is a place where the spirit of adventure meets the soul of the traveler, and together they create memories that last a lifetime.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “All good stories start in cantinas.” – Rodolfo Anaya
  1. “Mexico is a land of infinite possibility, where the dreams of its people are as wide and vast as the desert sky.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “I’ve always thought Mexico City was incredibly dynamic.” – Greg Kinnear
  1. “Mexico is a country where the beauty of its landscapes is matched only by the richness of its culture and traditions.” – Traveller’s Elixir
  1. “Mexico is a country which has experienced thousands of years of art and culture.” – Carlos Slim
  1. “Mexico is a country where the beauty of its history is on full display, from the grandeur of Chichen Itza to the elegance of the Palacio Nacional.” – Traveller’s Elixir

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Mexico Hashtags For Instagram Likes

  1. #mexico
  1. #mexicomagico
  1. #mexicolindo
  1. #mexicotravel
  1. #mexicomaravilloso
  1. #mexicotrip
  1. #mexicolove
  1. #vivamexico
  1. #travelmexico
  1. #mexico_greatshots
  1. #mexico_amazing
  1. #mexicolife
  1. #mexicocolors
  1. #mexicovacation
  1. #mexicocity
  1. #visitmexico
  1. #instamexico

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And there you have it! The best Mexico Instagram captions to take your social media game to the next level!

Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula or sipping margaritas on a beach in Los Cabos, these captions will help you showcase the beauty and diversity of Mexico to your followers.

So next time you’re posting a photo from your Mexican adventures, don’t forget to use one of these captions to give your post that extra pop! Until next time, ¡adiós amigos!


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