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Where To Stay In Lagos, Portugal 2024 – Complete Guide

When I visited Lagos recently, I must have spent hours and hours researching different areas and hotels trying to decide which was best.

To make things super easy for you, I’ve done all the hard work for you and collated all of my research together into a handy guide.

In this post, I’ll tell you all of the best places to stay in Lagos, Portugal including all the information you need to make a decision.

Best Hotels In Lagos, Portugal

There are so many different accommodation options in Lagos, Portugal that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick one. 

That’s where I come in….

In a hurry? Here’s an overview of the best places to stay in Lagos, Portugal:

You definitely won’t be disappointed if you choose to stay at any of the above hotels. As I said, the Cascade Wellness Resort has to come in first place as it’s basically its own little town.

It has everything you could ever need including several restaurants, bars, a spa, a gym and even a football pitch and several tennis courts. It’s also just an 8-minute drive from Lagos old town.

Below I’ll go into more detail on the above hotels, provide alternative options and I’ll run through all the different areas of town so you know which one is right for you.

💡 Quick Tip: Make sure you’re booking your hotel in Lagos, Portugal and not Lagos, Nigeria (I’m sure you won’t be the first to make that mistake…).

Where To Stay In Lagos, Portugal

Map showing the location of the different areas in Lagos, Portugal.
Map showing the location of the different areas in Lagos, Portugal.

There are 4 key areas where most people stay when they visit Lagos, Portugal and picking the right one for you can really make or break your vacation.

Here’s an overview:

  • Old Town: central, close to all the restaurants & sights
  • Marina: more peaceful, close to the old town
  • Meia Praia: by the longest beach, quiet
  • Praia do Porto de Mós: away from the action, close to beaches, quiet

Let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail…

Lagos Old Town

Map showing the location of Lagos Old Town.
Map showing the location of Lagos Old Town.
Close to all the main attractionsCan be noisy (especially at night)
Close to lots of restaurants/barsNo 5-star hotels
Historic part of town

Best hotel in old town: Tivoli Lagos

One of the best places to stay in Lagos, Portugal is in the old town area which is also the historical center of the town.

This is where you’ll find the majority of restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops making it a fantastic place to stay as it is so close to all the action.

Lagos old town is also really close to all of the best things to do in Lagos including the Castle of Lagos, Forte da Ponta da Bandeira and the Igreja de Santo António.

It is also within walking distance to most of Lagos’s best beaches including Praia do Camilo and Praia da Dona Ana.

The old town is very charming as it’s filled with exquisite Portuguese architecture, so many outdoor restaurants, pedestrianized streets and ancient sights. 

You’ll also find an old city wall that surrounds part of the town which joins up with the Castle of Lagos in the Jardim da Constituição. There is a lot of history to be explored in the old town.

Jardim da Constituição in Lagos Old Town.
Jardim da Constituição in Lagos Old Town.

The old town is a great place to stay if you want to be close to all the main attractions and lots of restaurants and bars. 

You can stay right in the heart of the old town itself or on the outskirts.

It may be a little noisy right in the center, especially in the evenings. If you stay a little bit further out then you’ll be able to find some peace and quiet.

Hotel Recommendations in the Old Town

Tivoli Lagos

Tivoli Lagos is a 4-star hotel with fantastic facilities that is located just a 5 minute walk from the main amenities of the old town. 

This is where I personally stayed when I visited Lagos recently which is why it’s my top choice. I absolutely loved staying here and would rate it 10/10!

The rooms are super modern, clean and very comfortable. I enjoyed lounging around by the pool and spending my evenings in the hotel bar.

One of my favorite things about the hotel is that they offer a free shuttle bus to their private beach club on Meia Praia. 

All rooms have air-conditioning, WiFi and come with breakfast included (I can tell you from first-hand experience that the breakfast here is out of this world!!).

Tivoli Lagos on

Casa Creativa Lagos

Casa Creativa Lagos is also located right in the heart of Lagos and is a great budget option for those that want to keep costs low.

They have free WiFi, a super tasty breakfast and a free airport shuttle so you can save even more money as you won’t have to pay for your transport from Faro Airport.

They even have table tennis on site which is a great way to pass the time and ideal if you have kids that always need something to do.

This place doesn’t cost a lot but it still looks really beautiful and modern. It’s also really highly rated by guests that have stayed there so sounds like a win-win to me!

Casa Creativa Lagos on

Lagos Marina

Map showing the location of Lagos Marina.
Map showing the location of Lagos Marina.
Peaceful and quietMay be too quiet for some people
More luxury hotelsLess choices for restaurants/bars
Close to the old town & main sights

Best hotel in Lagos Marina: Lagos Avenida Hotel

Another one of the best places to stay in Lagos is by the marina, which is officially called Marina de Lagos. 

This area has a more upmarket feel to it compared to the old town and it’s where you’ll find some of Lagos’s more premium hotels.

Another bonus is that the marina is just 10 minutes away from the old town so you’re still pretty close to all the restaurants, bars, beaches and main sights.

The marina area is much quieter than the old town so it really provides a very relaxing, laid-back atmosphere and allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the old town. 

There are plenty of small restaurants, bars and cafes lining the marina so it’s not too quiet and secluded. You can still easily grab a bite to eat.

Of course, there’s less choice than in the old town but there’s still enough and you can always walk over to the old town if you want (it’s just a 10 minute walk).

When I visited Lagos I actually stayed in the old town but I came to the marina area several times for dinner as it was so peaceful.

I found that the marina area is the perfect place to just sit back and relax.

Lagos Marina
Lagos Marina

This area is also really close to Meia Praia beach which is the longest beach in the whole of the Algarve at 4km so it’s always got plenty of room.

Hotel Recommendations in the Marina

Lagos Avenida Hotel

Lagos Avenida Hotel is by far the best place to stay in the marina area of Lagos.

This 4-star hotel looks like it could be a 5-star as it is super sleek and modern. If I was planning a second trip to Lagos, I’d be booking this place for sure!!

With an outdoor pool that offers impressive views of the marina and sea, this hotel is a fantastic option and it also comes with a tasty breakfast, free WiFi and air-conditioned rooms.

Many of the rooms overlook the marina itself as does the rooftop pool and all the sunloungers. It feels very luxe.

Lagos Avenida Hotel on

Marina Club Lagos Resort

The Marina Club Lagos Resort is a 4-star hotel located just to one side of the marina but still within sight.

Inside you’ll find super modern studios and apartments that come furnished with everything you could need including a private balcony. You’ll also get a tasty breakfast each morning.

You can easily walk over to the marina or to the old town and all of Lagos’s most famous attractions from here.

You’ll also find a spa and an outdoor pool on site which are both perfect places to relax.

Marina Club Lagos Resort on

Hotel Marina Rio

Hotel Marina Rio is a 4-star hotel that overlooks the palm-tree lined marina and all of the impressive boats & yachts below.

If that wasn’t enough, it also has a rooftop pool, air-conditioned rooms and free WiFi. I’d recommend booking a ‘marina view’ room for some of the best views in town.

There’s also a games room on site to keep all members of the family occupied and a TV lounge too.

Hotel Marina Rio on

Lagos Meia Praia

Map showing location of Meia Praia in Lagos, Portugal.
Map showing location of Meia Praia in Lagos, Portugal.
Located by Lagos’s longest bestFurther from the old town
Peaceful and quietNot much choice for restaurants
5-star resortsMay be too quiet for some people

Best hotel in Meia Praia: Iberostar Selection Lagos Algarve

Meia Praia is the longest beach in the whole of the Algarve at just over 4 km in length (that’s 2.5 miles).

If you know that you’ll want to spend a lot of time at the beach then this is the best place for you.

This super long beach stretches all the way along Lagos’s stunning coastline heading westwards. 

It’s a pretty popular beach but as it’s so big, there’s always plenty of room for everyone and it never feels crowded.

I visited Meia Praia twice on my trip and both times we had so much room, it felt like there was barely anyone there at all.

Meia Praia
Meia Praia

This is almost unheard of in Lagos as all the other beaches are really tiny so they get very crowded fast.

The Meia Praia area isn’t overly developed but it is very beautiful. You will find some small cafes, restaurants and bars offering food and drinks along the beach but there’s not a huge amount of choice.

The main downside to this place is that it’s a little far from the old town area where most of the action is so you may want to hop into a taxi or jump onto a bus to get there.

This area offers a very peaceful, laid back atmosphere but it may be too quiet for some people.

Hotel Recommendations in Meia Praia

Iberostar Selection Lagos Algarve

Iberostar Selection Lagos Algarve is a super fancy 5-star hotel that features luxurious rooms with beautiful views.

It has spa facilities, a spacious outdoor pool with panoramic ocean views and a restaurant terrace. 

The whole hotel looks super luxurious and high end and it’s kinda making me wanna book another trip to Lagos right now!

The premium suites even come with private pools and ocean views so this is the place to be if you’re looking for ultimate luxury. I’d go as far to say that this could be the best hotel in Lagos, Portugal.

It’s also less than a 5 minutes to Meia Praia beach by foot so is ideally located and it has an on site restaurant so you won’t have to travel far to have top class food every day. 

Iberostar Selection Lagos Algarve on

Vila Gale Lagos

Vila Gale Lagos is a luxury 4-star resort located right on the seafront in Meia Praia meaning you get both fantastic views of the beach and it’s easy to access.

This place is super laid back and has a spa, a gym and a wellness center so you can enjoy a relaxing massage or head into the sauna whenever you feel like it.

It also has both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a huge garden, a kid’s club and 3 tennis courts. 

There’s really so much to do here so I’d say it’s ideal for families as no kid will ever get bored here. This is one of the largest resorts in Lagos, it’s kinda like its own little town to be honest.

Vila Gale Lagos on

Guesthouse Our House

Guesthouse Our House is a super sleek and modern hotel located just over 300 meters from Meia Praia so you’ll be out on that beach in minutes.

It also has a sun terrace and impressive views of the sea. 

You can expect super clean modern rooms with free WiFi and an excellent breakfast, all at a good price.

This place is ideal for anyone on a budget as it certainly won’t break the bank but will provide you with everything you need.

Guesthouse Our House on

Lagos Praia do Porto de Mós

Map showing the location of Praia do Porto de Mós in Lagos, Portugal.
Map showing the location of Praia do Porto de Mós in Lagos, Portugal.
Peaceful and quietFar from the old town
Right next to Ponta da PiedadeMay be too quiet for some people
Features Lagos’s second longest beachLimited choices for restaurants

Best hotel in Praia do Porto de Mós: Cascade Wellness Resort

Praia do Porto de Mós is Lagos’s second longest beach after Meia Praia however it is located away from the main town.

This area provides a relaxing escape from the busy old town and is one of the best places to stay in Lagos if you’re after some peace and quiet. 

It’s very peaceful but that does mean that there aren’t many restaurants and bars in the area (there are some just not many).

If you do want to head over to the old town then you can easily hop into a taxi and be there within 8 minutes. That’s where all the action happens.

One bonus is that it is located right next to Ponta da Piedade which is one of Portugal’s most famous attractions. 

This impressive collection of rock formations has been eroded over thousands of years causing it to form sea arches, caves and grottoes that you can explore by kayak.

There are also some fantastic hiking trails close by and lots of opportunities to take part in activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding.

Hiking trails near Praia do Porto de Mós.
Hiking trails near Praia do Porto de Mós.

There’s also plenty of incredible beaches located nearby including Praia do Porto de Mós itself and several others.

Hotel Recommendations in Praia do Porto de Mós

Cascade Wellness Resort

Cascade Wellness Resort is one of the best resorts in Lagos as it is really peaceful and luxurious. It’s kinda what I imagine paradise to be like.

This 5-star resort is located amongst a spacious garden area and sits on the top of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Praia do Porto de Mós beach below. 

It is an excellent place to escape and relax as it also features a full spa with a hot tub and sauna, an outdoor heated pool, a world class gym, a kids club, 2 football pitches, 2 tennis courts and a games room. 

This place literally has everything you could ever need.

If that wasn’t enough the whole place is decorated in a way that reflects the expeditions of various Portuguese navigators through history.

It’s the perfect getaway as they offer hotel rooms, apartments and also independent villas so there’s something for everyone.

Although it’s on the edge of town, this resort features 3 on-site restaurants and 2 bars so you won’t need to travel far to have everything you need.

Cascade Wellness Resort on

Lagos Atlantic Hotel

Lagos Atlantic Hotel is a luxury 4-star hotel that’s located just over 700 meters from the Praia do Porto de Mós beach.

This hotel has excellent amenities including an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, a bar and barbeque facilities. Each morning you can enjoy a tasty breakfast on site too.

The rooms themselves are really modern and sleek with some of them even coming with impressive sea views.

Lagos Atlantic Hotel on

Apartamentos Magnolia Mar

Apartamentos Magnolia Mar is a great budget option located just 180 meters from the beach.

This hotel has excellent amenities including a pool, a garden, a tennis court and a kid’s play area so it’s super family friendly and doesn’t break the bank.

The apartments here have everything you need including a fully equipped kitchen so you can make some home cooked meals if you feel like it. 

You can also hire a bicycle or car from the front desk if you want to head out exploring and there’s a bar on site that has views of the beach. 

It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring.

Apartamentos Magnolia Mar on

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading this Lagos resort guide which explains exactly where you should stay in Lagos, Portugal.

If you’re coming to Lagos from elsewhere in Portugal then you might find my guides on how to get there useful.

Whether you’re traveling to Lagos from Porto or if you’re traveling from Lisbon, I tell you exactly how to get there.

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