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Top 10 Most Instagrammable Cities In The World

Take a look at our top 10 list of the most instagrammable cities in the world. If photography is your thing, or you just love beautiful places, then check out the cities below. From glittering metropolises to serene islands, this list covers all bases.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the queen of the Greek islands. Its iconic whitewashed houses which bejewel the cliffs are instantly recognisable.

If you’re looking for a beautiful sunset, endless blue sea and gorgeous beaches then Santorini can provide this.

The stunning photos are endless, whether day or night, Santorini will not disappoint. 

Hong Kong

The city that never sleeps. Vibrant lights on every corner illuminate the night and in the day, the promenade is alive with street performers.

Hong Kong has a variety of photo spots from its glorious harbour to its iconic skyline and even has lots of nature too.

Go high up a mountain or sail across the harbour, you can even ride an old style tram. Let Hong Kong’s incredible variety inspire you. 

London, England

London, the home of the Queen and all things fancy. Ride aboard an unmistakable red bus, take a scenic river cruise down the River Thames and see the city from above on the London Eye.

You’ll know its time for tea when you hear the chimes of Big Ben. Photo opportunities arise upon every corner, just explore the city using the London Underground to see for yourself. 

Jaipur, India

They call it the Pink City. It’s bright and it’s bold. Filled with pink buildings, every street is perfect for a pretty picture.

Visit the cities many palaces, including the pink palace, for a truly unmistakable and unique photo.

Don’t forget to ride in a Tuk-Tuk to get a truly Indian experience and dine in local restaurants to taste the exquisite cuisine.  Jaipur is definitely a city for those who love all things vivid and flamboyant.

Kyoto, Japan

For a taste of Old Japan, visit Kyoto. Alluring temples and mysterious gardens await you. A destination that is truly unique, and it will make your photos unique too.

Snap a pic of a traditional wooden house, a geisha or a captivating palace. There is nowhere quite like Kyoto. 

Venice, Italy

A city like no other. It sits upon the water with marvellous palaces, intricate canals and an abundance of bridges.

The Grand Canal is an astonishing sight and with lots of riverside restaurants, you can dine and take in the sites.

For an even better view, get aboard a gondola and sail down the canal yourself for an experience that is truly Venice. It is compelling, delightful and oh so elegant. 

Havana, Cuba

Step inside a time machine as you visit a city stuck in time. Havana is as bright as the sun that beats down on it as every street is painted with beautiful, bright colours.

Classic cars greet you on every street, now that’s something you don’t see everywhere! It’s vibrant and loud, with music and art, but still retains the old and faded feel that makes Havana what it is. 

Lucerne, Switzerland

Medieval architecture dominates this little city that sits amongst the snowcapped mountains. It’s breath of fresh air with its panoramic views of enchanting lakes and colossal mountains.

Even Queen Victoria herself found solace here in this remarkable city where stunning countryside meets medieval city. Lucerne presents refreshing photo opportunities due to its curious and intriguing nature. 


Singapore is mindblowingly modern. A city alive with so many cultures.

Astonishing vertical gardens, a dazzling bay and glittering skyscrapers that illuminate the skyline – the perfect destination for sensational and envy-worthy photos. 

Los Angeles, USA

And, of course, no top 10 list is complete without the City of Angels. The home of Hollywood as well as the rich and famous, no wonder LA makes for the best instagram photos.

The iconic Hollywood sign, panoramic skyline views and Venice Beach – the photos just snap themselves.

Film and television is at the heart of LA, making it the vibrant, exciting city that it is, and if you’re lucky you could even snap a selfie with your fave celebrity. 

Thanks for reading this list of the most instagrammable places in the world! Let me know if you have anymore suggestions or if you’ve visited any of the places above!