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45 New Jersey Captions For Instagram – Puns, Quotes & Short Captions

If you’re visiting New Jersey then you’re bound to have hundreds of stunning photos that you’ll want to post to Instagram.

Nothing goes better with a beautiful photo than a cute caption. To save you the trouble of thinking up a caption yourself, I’ve put together this list of the best New Jersey Instagram captions.

Just copy and paste the New Jersey caption straight into Instagram.

These captions work for any place you’re visiting in New Jersey, including the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, Cape May, Jersey City and more. 

Best New Jersey Instagram Captions

Cute New Jersey Captions For Instagram

  1. Dear Jersey Shore, you’re my absolute favorite
  1. The Garden State is my favorite state
  1. The ocean breeze puts my mind at ease
  1. Headed to New Jersey, be back never
  1. My heart is down by the shore
  1. Friends, sun, and the Jersey Shore
  1. It’s bad manners to keep New Jersey waiting
  1. Life is better down at the shore

Funny New Jersey Captions & New Jersey Puns

  1. Cape me away to Cape May
  1. Be shore of yourself
  1. Lost in New Jersey? I’m not shore
  1. Finally made it to the Statue of Liberty. It’s a boat time!
  1. Beach day? Shore! Why not?
  1. Spill the Liber-tea at Liberty State Park
  1. Jersey Shore shore is perfect
  1. Beach you to it!

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Short New Jersey Captions

  1. Jersey fresh
  1. New Jersey made me do it
  1. Atlantic City dreamin’
  1. Meanwhile, in New Jersey…
  1. Okay, but first New Jersey
  1. Falling hard for Jersey City
  1. New Jersey gives me butterflies
  1. Daydreaming in New Jersey

Inspirational & Beautiful New Jersey Captions

  1. If you’re lucky enough to live by the shore, you’re lucky enough
  1. My heart belongs to the Jersey Shore
  1. Salt water heals all wounds
  1. Hello Atlantic City, your lights are fireflies in my heart
  1. How can you complain in a place like New Jersey?
  1. Relationship status: In love with sunsets and this state
  1. Living my best Jersey Shore life

New Jersey Quotes For Instagram Captions

  1. “Staring off at the jeweled short lights of New Jersey.” – Richard Ford
  1. “He rolled down the windows and took a deep gulp of New Jersey.” – P.F. Kluge
  1. “New Jersey people, they will surprise you.” – John Gorka
  1. “‘Cause nothing matters in this whole wide world when you’re in love with a Jersey girl.” – ‘Jersey Girl’ by Bruce Springsteen
  1. “Carry me back to sweet Jersey.” – ‘Suburban Dogs’ by Real Estate
  1. “When you say, ‘I spent my summers at the Jersey Shore,’ people always say, ‘Oh, really?’ They think of the TV show. So I just say, ‘A cute little harbor town in New Jersey.’” – Taylor Swift
  1. “To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.” – Emilia Wickstead
  1. “New Jersey is the most poetic state: close enough to New York to be urban and cosmopolitan, far enough to be desirous and unsure; densely populated, but full of farms and woods, with the most deer of any state.” – Robert Pinsky
  1. “We’re called New Jersey but we’re actually the suburbs of New York.” – Harlan Coben
  1. “Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty. And meet me tonight in Atlantic City.” – Bruce Springsteen
  1. “I feel very connected to New Jersey.” – Jon Tenney
  1. “Anyone who’s grown up or lived on the Jersey Shore knows the place is unique.” – Bruce Springsteen 
  1. “In New Jersey, you’re able to live your life.” – Martin Brodeur
  1. “I think that Jersey Shore is awesome. I’ve gone to Cape May every summer of my life.” – Anne Hathaway

Hopefully this list gave you plenty of ideas for cute New Jersey Instagram captions. 

There’s a caption here for any photo, from puns to beautiful quotes. 

Feel free to copy and paste these Instagram captions for your New Jersey photos.

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