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Best Hotels In Koh Samet, Thailand – Ultimate Guide

If you are planning a trip to Koh Samet then I’m guessing you need a place to stay (unless you plan on sleeping under the stars).

When I visited Koh Samet recently, I spent a ton of time researching all the different options and decided to put together this guide to help others do the same.

This ultimate guide covers the best hotels in Koh Samet including cheap hotels, luxury 5-star hotels, resorts on the beach and so much more.

Best Place To Stay In Koh Samet

If you’re not on a tight budget then the best place to stay in Koh Samet is at the Paradee Resort which is actually the only 5-star hotel on the island.

It features private villas that each come with their own private pool and is located in a secluded section of the island so you’ll be away from all the crowds. 

It kinda makes you feel like you’re on a remote, deserted island.

We’re not all made of money so if Paradee Resort is a little bit out of your price range (it’s a lot out of mine) then here’s some other options:

Best Koh Samet Hotels & Resorts:

The rest of this post includes more details about each of the hotels and gives several other options.

Koh Samet Hotel Prices

Hotels in Koh Samet are very reasonably priced given the quality and the location. I was actually super impressed at what you could get for your money.

Koh Samet Hotel Prices:

  • Budget hotel: $26 to $53 per night
  • Mid-range hotel: $70 to $150 per night
  • Luxury hotel: $200 to $700 per night

Cheap Hotels In Koh Samet

Key things to know about cheap hotels in Koh Samet.
Key things to know about cheap hotels in Koh Samet.

Thailand is the perfect place for anyone traveling on a budget as you really don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot.

I first visited Koh Samet just after I’d graduated college so I was basically a broke student but I still managed to have an incredible trip.

Cheap hotels in Koh Samet range from $26 to $53 per night.

Generally I found that staying within the main town area was cheaper than staying in a resort. 

There’s a single main road that runs from the Nadan Pier down to the main beach on the island, Sai Kaew Beach.

You’ll find plenty of guesthouses and small hotels located along this street. This is actually where I stayed and it’s ideally located as you’ll be close to all the action and just minutes from the beach.

This road is also filled with local shops where you can buy clothes, souvenirs, beach towels and everything else that you’ll need.

There’s also two 7-Elevens that are literally opposite each other!

Best Cheap Hotels In Koh Samet

Good hotels don’t have to come with a premium price tag.

Koh Samet actually has a pretty decent range of cheap hotels that offer everything you’ll need and won’t break the bank.

Samed Villa Resort

Samed Villa Resort is my top pick when it comes to budget accommodation in Koh Samet.

This resort is located right on Ao Phai Beach and is close to the main area which has tons of restaurants, shops and bars.

The rooms feature an authentic Thai style but also have a modern feel to them. Free WiFi, air conditioning and free toiletries are all included.

Prices start at $53 per night which feels insanely cheap given the quality of this place!

Check Prices For Samed Villa Resort

Blue Moon Samed

Blue Moon Samed is a stunning hotel that offers super modern, comfortable rooms with free WiFi, air con and some even come with a free motorbike.

Rooms start at just $34 per night which is an absolute bargain given the standard of this place.

It’s also located just 1 minute away from Sai Kaew Beach making it ideal if you want to be close to all the action.

Check Prices For Blue Moon Samed

Lazy Sandals

Lazy Sandals is another great budget-friendly option with rooms starting at just $45 per night during the high season.

It’s ideally located as it’s literally just a 1 minute walk from one of Koh Samet’s best beaches.

You’ll find simple, clean and comfortable rooms that have everything you’ll need including WiFi and air con.

Check Prices For Lazy Sandals

Ban FahSai Guest House

Ban FahSai Guest House is one of the cheapest options available with some rooms starting at just $26 per night, even during high season!

It is more basic than some other hotels on the island but it is clean, comfortable and has everything you’ll need including WiFi and a fan/air con.

It is also just a 2 minutes walk to Sai Kaew Beach.

Check Prices For Ban FahSai Guest House

Best Mid-Range Hotels In Koh Samet

Key things to know about mid-range hotels in Koh Samet.
Key things to know about mid-range hotels in Koh Samet.

If you’re not on a tight budget but you don’t want to pay a fortune for a private beach resort then take a look at these mid-range hotels…

Sai Kaew Beach Resort

Sai Kaew Beach Resort is a 4-star hotel located right on Koh Samet’s main beach, Sai Kaew, which is the liveliest part of town where you’ll find all the restaurants, bars and shops.

The resort itself has 3 pools and 2 beachfront restaurants and a variety of watersports that you can take part in.

This place feels super luxurious and the rooms are very modern, clean and comfortable.

Prices start at around $121 per night but be aware that this place books up well in advance so book early!

Check Prices For Sai Kaew Beach Resort

Samed Grandview Resort

Samed Grandview Resort is my top pick if you’re looking for a full on resort with modern, comfortable rooms.

It’s located right on Sai Kaew Beach which is lined with beachfront restaurants and has a very lively nightlife scene. Ieven saw fire shows on this beach in the evening!

The accommodation is very modern and luxurious-looking but still features a distinct Thai-style.

Prices start at just $79 per night but this often reaches $129+ during peak season. This price also includes breakfast.

Check Prices For Samed Grandview Resort

Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort

The Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort is another great mid-range pick as it features tropical scenery and semi-outdoor bathrooms which have a certain luxury feel to them.

The hotel overlooks Ao Cho Beach where you can relax on a daybed or enjoy a Thai massage. 

It feels like luxury but doesn’t come with a luxury price tag. Prices start at around ~$125 per night which I think is a steal.

Check Prices For Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort

Koh Samet 5 Star Hotels

Key things to know about luxury hotels in Koh Samet.
Key things to know about luxury hotels in Koh Samet.

If you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket then Koh Samet also has a range of luxury resorts to choose from. Many of them even lead onto a private beach area.

Koh Samet only actually has one 5-star hotel.

Paradee Resort

Paradee Resort is definitely the best hotel on the whole of Koh Samet in my opinion.

It’s actually the only 5-star hotel on the entire island so if luxury is your thing, you should stay here.

It’s situated on the southern tip of the island far away from the rowdy main town. It’s very secluded and will make you feel like you’re on your own private, tropical islands.

This exclusive resort features individual thatched-roof villas with private pools and it has a private beach, Ao Kiu Na Nok, which only guests at the hotel can use.

As you can imagine, it’s pretty expensive with prices starting at $536 per night. They often reach over $700 during the busiest times of year.

Check Prices For Paradee Resort

Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa

Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa is actually a 4-star hotel but it feels like a 5-star.

This resort offers charming traditional-style bungalows which sit alongside the Ao Phrao Beach on the western side of the island. 

This area of Koh Samet is very peaceful and relaxing making it ideal for couples on a romantic vacation.

They also offer a free speed boat which will bring you straight to the hotel from the mainland.

Normally if you’ve come from Bangkok to Koh Samet, you’d have to take a long ferry ride over to Nadan Pier which is 15 minutes from this hotel.

Prices start at $207 per night but can jump to over $300 at the busiest times of year.

Check Prices For Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa

Koh Samet Hotels On The Beach

Koh Samet has some really stunning beaches and many of the hotels are actually located on the beach itself.

Here’s my favorite beaches that are located on a beach:

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading this post on the best hotels and resorts in Koh Samet.

Koh Samet is one of my favorite Thai islands as it’s super close to the mainland and there are lots of fun things to do.

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