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Best Places For Whale Watching In Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for somewhere to go whale watching in Puerto Rico then you’re in the right place.

There’s plenty of places to see whales in their natural habitat all over Puerto Rico, from Rincón to the Mona Passage. 

This post will tell you all of the best places to go whale watching in Puerto Rico and includes all the information you’ll need for a fun day out.

The Best Time To See Whales In Puerto Rico

Every winter, humpback whales arrive along the western shores of Puerto Rico. 

During this time they can often be spotted from various places along the northwest and western coast of Puerto Rico.

Whale watching season in Puerto Rico is from January to March each year. The best time to see them is during February.

During this time of year, the humpback whales migrate south to mate, rest and care for their babies. 

The best time to go whale watching in Puerto Rico is early morning (before 10am) and evening time around sunset. At this time, the waters are more calm and you’re more likely to spot a whale. 

The whales come up for air every 15 to 20 minutes and this is when you’ll get a magnificent glimpse of them as they spray water up into the air. 

For the best chance of seeing a whale in Puerto Rico, head to the places below.

Best Places To Go Whale Watching In Puerto Rico

1. Rincón

The best whale watching spot in Puerto Rico is Rincón, located on the western coast of the island. 

This area is well known for surfing, sunsets and sandy beaches but also for its regular whale sightings!

The best spot in Rincón for whale watching is El Faro Lighthouse which is located on a clifftop. 

You will get an excellent view of the ocean from the observation deck here which gives you the best possible chance of spotting a whale. 

You can also often spot whales from the shores of Rincón’s beaches. The best beaches for whale watching are Tres Palmas, Sandy Beach and Domes.

Whilst you can often see whales from the beaches, many people opt for a boat tour which will take you out into the ocean for a closer look at the whales. 

The best time to visit Rincón for whale watching is February, but whales can be seen here from January to March. 

There’s plenty of great places to stay in Rincón. If you’re here for whale watching then it’s a good idea to get a hotel close to El Faro Lighthouse.

One of the best hotels close to here is Casa Verde Hotel.

Check out the video below of a whale spotted whilst kitesurfing in Rincón:

2. Isabela

Isabela is a region on Puerto Rico’s northwestern coast.

It is well known for its beautiful secluded sandy beaches and during whale watching season, whales can often be spotted on its shores.

Peak whale watching season is in February so this is the best time to visit Isabela for whale watching

You could join a horseback tour along the beaches of Isabela, this is a great way to relax and look for whales. 

The tour guides know the best spots so this gives you a great chance of seeing a whale.

The best beach for whale watching in Isabela is Playa Jobos. The Isabela Observation Tower is a boardwalk that runs close by to the beach and offers incredible views of the ocean – it’s a great place to see whales. 

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3. Aguadilla

Aguadilla is a small town just north of Rincón that boasts stunning beaches and fantastic surfing opportunities. 

During whale watching season (January – March), there are frequent sightings of whales in the ocean near Aguadilla.

The best beach for whale watching is Crash Boat Beach.

This sandy beach features crystal clear waters and a long pier that leads out into the ocean so it’s a great spot for whale watching!

Peak whale watching season is in February but whales can also often be seen here in January and March. 

4. Mona Passage

The Mona Passage is the body of water that separates Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic. 

The Mona Passage is a popular spot for whale watching with large numbers of whales being reported in these waters each year during whale watching season (January – March). 

There’s plenty of tours available that will take you out into the Mona Passage for whale watching, from boat tours to scuba diving trips. 

Check out the video below of a family of whales swimming in the Mona Passage spotted whilst on a boat:

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5. Joyuda Beach, Cabo Rojo

Another great place in Puerto Rico for whale watching is Joyuda Beach. 

This beach is located in Cabo Rojo which sits on the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico. 

It’s a popular beachfront location with a range of fun activities and during whale watching season, you have a good chance of spotting a whale or two here.

There’s plenty of boat tours available in the area which is a good way to see the whales. 

Thanks for reading this post on where to see whales in Puerto Rico. 

Wherever you are in Puerto Rico, there’s plenty of options here to see whales in their natural habitat in Rincón, the Mona Passage, Isabela and more. 

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