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Best Wedding Packages in Bora Bora – Updated 2024

Thinking of getting married in Bora Bora? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

This post goes into detail on the absolute best wedding packages in Bora Bora including what’s included and how much they cost.

If having a perfect Bora Bora wedding is your dream then here’s how you can make it a reality…

Bora Bora Wedding Packages

If you’re looking for a Bora Bora wedding package or a Bora Bora elopement package then you’re in luck as many resorts in Bora Bora offer these.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get in a wedding package in Bora Bora:

Overview of Bora Bora wedding packages.
Overview of Bora Bora wedding packages.

The wedding packages themselves vary from more basic ones to super elaborate ones.

The more basic packages tend to include things like the actual wedding ceremony, a wedding cake, some simple (but beautiful) decorations, a marriage certificate and a bottle of champagne.

Most packages also include things like the bridal flowers, hair & makeup for the bride, more decorations, photos and more.

Some of the more expensive packages also include some super romantic extras like light shows, firework shows, traditional Tahitian fire dance shows, sunset cruises, private beach dinners and couples massages.

You’ll usually work with a dedicated wedding planner throughout the process to ensure that everything is exactly right.

Don’t forget that all of the resorts are more than happy to tailor the wedding completely to you. You don’t have to purchase one of their packages and can instead design your own wedding.

So if you want something super casual, traditional, extravagant or really Polynesian themed, the resorts will be more than happy to bring this to life for you.

All of the Bora Bora wedding packages are designed to take the stress out of your day and really bring your vision to life.

For me, I actually think that getting married in Bora Bora is less stressful than if you got married at home.

Someone else sorts the whole thing out for you and, surprisingly, destination weddings are usually much cheaper than weddings at home too.

Which Bora Bora Resorts Do Weddings?

Bora Bora weddings

Here’s a list of all the Bora Bora resorts which currently offer wedding packages:

  • Conrad Bora Bora Nui – has the cheapest wedding packages starting at $750 & option to get married on a private island.

The packages offered by these resorts are super dreamy and romantic!

Below I’ve handpicked some of the best wedding packages available and gone into a little bit more detail including exactly what you’ll get and how much its costs.

1. Four Seasons Bora Bora Wedding Packages

The Four Seasons Bora Bora resort has 3 different wedding packages to choose from. They also have a fully customisable option if you’d prefer to plan the big day yourself.

Four Seasons offer unforgettable weddings that can range from super small (just the 2 of you) to super big. It’s entirely up to you.

They take care of every small detail for you including the bridal bouquet and the wedding cake and they also weave in Tahitian traditions like dancing and music to make your day extra special.

The weddings here are also super personalized. Included in all packages is a dedicated wedding planner who will work hard to ensure your vision is a reality.

Prices for the standard wedding packages at Four Seasons Bora Bora range from $2,600 to $5,000. 

For a more personalized wedding with tons of extras, you’ll spend a lot more.

Please note that the above prices are just for the wedding ceremony. You’ll need to pay for your flights and accommodation on top of that.

Here’s an overview of the 3 different Four Seasons Bora Bora wedding packages:

Romantic Dance:

The Romantic Dance wedding package costs 315,000 XPF which is around $2,600.

The package includes:

  • Up to 8 guests (you can pay extra for more)
  • Wedding planner to arrange the wedding for you
  • Polynesian officiant
  • Traditional Tahitian decorations, songs and dances
  • Bridal flowers
  • Steaming of wedding outfits
  • Wedding certificate
  • 50 photos of your wedding
  • Wedding cake, bottle of champagne and 2 tropical cocktails

Colourful Dream:

The Colouful Dream wedding package costs 420,000 XPF which is around $3,500.

This package includes everything included in the Romantic Dance package plus these extras:

  • Makeup and hair for bride
  • Float across the lagoon in a canoe to your wedding
  • Wedding dinner for 2 on the beach or in your room

Pearl Of Love:

The Pearl Of Love wedding package costs 595,000 XPF which is around $5,000.

This package includes everything included in the Colourful Dream package plus these extras:

  • Videographer to capture your ceremony on film
  • 100 photos of your wedding
  • One hour couples spa treatment
  • Tahitian petal shower

For an extra fee, you can also get these with the Pearl Of Love package:

  • A light display in the sky with a heart-shape or your initials for an additional 300,000 XPF ($2,500).
  • Fireworks for an additional 430,000 XPF ($3,500)

Here’s what you can expect from the weddings at Four Seasons Bora Bora:

2. Conrad Bora Bora Wedding Package

Conrad Bora Bora Nui offers some incredible and unique wedding packages that will make your day one to remember.

Conrad has a fantastic set of packages available at a range of prices to suit every budget.

Wedding packages at Conrad Bora Bora cost between $750 and $3,800.

This is the best place to get married if your budget is tight as their cheapest package is just $750! 

You’ll struggle to find prices that cheap for a 5-star hotel wedding venue in the US (or UK/Europe).

You can choose to get married either in the hilltop chapel, on Bora Bora’s longest white sandy beach or on Conrad’s private island, Motu Tapu.

Getting married on Motu Tapu feels super romantic as it’s an uninhabited, remote islet. This tiny island is only available to Conrad guests so it’s perfect for an intimate wedding.

Their packages include things like Polynesian music and dancers, a wedding cake, spa treatments and romantic candlelit dinners.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui has 4 different exclusive and romantic wedding packages to choose from. You can also fully personalize your wedding if you’d prefer.

Here’s an overview of each one including how much they cost:

Opuhi Ceremony

This package costs 90,000 XPF which is around $750.

The Opuhi Ceremony includes:

  • A dedicated wedding planner to bring your vision to life
  • A Polynesian priest to perform the ceremony
  • A wedding certificate (made from local tapa)
  • Bottle of champagne
  • A two-tiered wedding cake

This package is easily one of Bora Bora’s best value packages and includes everything you need to get married in Bora Bora. 

Tiare Ceremony

This package costs 120,000 XPF which is around $1,000.

The Tiare Ceremony includes everything that the Opuhi Ceremony has plus these extras:

  • A musician
  • Tropical decorations
  • Tifaifai ritual (a Polynesian wedding tradition where you’re wrapped in a blanket)
  • A souvenir for both the bride and groom (a Polynesian pareo)
  • A flower lei and flower crown for the bride and groom

Frangipani Ceremony

This package costs 350,000 XPF which is around $3,000.

The Tiare Ceremony includes everything that the Tiare Ceremony has plus these extras:

  • Bridal bouquet and groom ​​boutonnière
  • 50 photos of your wedding
  • Bridal makeup
  • Romantic dinner on the beach
  • Romantic jacuzzi (30 mins)

​​Hibiscus Ceremony

This package costs 450,000 XPF which is around $3,800.

The Tiare Ceremony includes everything that the Frangipani Ceremony has plus these extras:

  • 3 musicians
  • Tahitian dance show
  • Hair for the bride
  • Flower decorations in the villa on the night of the ceremony
  • 90 minute couples massage (instead of jacuzzi)
  • 6 canapés 

Here’s what you can expect from the wedding ceremonies at Conrad Bora Bora Nui:

3. InterContinental Thalasso Wedding Packages

Another fantastic resort that you should consider for your upcoming wedding is InterContinental Thalasso.

The wedding packages at InterContinental Thalasso cost between $1,200 and $3,700.

You can pick from a wide range of venues including:

  • The resort’s private beach
  • Glass-bottomed wedding chapel with Mount Otemanu views
  • Reef-side beach (this beach is much wilder and remote)
  • Bora Bora City Hall (for anyone who wants a legal wedding)

The wedding ceremonies at InterContinental Thalasso are super romantic and unforgettable. They’ll even provide you with photos and a video of the ceremony to keep forever.

They try really hard to incorporate tons of wonderful Polynesian traditions into your day. It all feels very special. 

As well as the ceremony itself, you can also include a romantic dinner, a spa treatment, a private sunset cruise, flowers, decorations, fire dancing, hair/makeup and more.

The weddings here are super customizable so you can choose exactly how you want to spend your big day.

To book a wedding at InterContinental Thalasso, you need to contact their concierge team.

Here’s an overview of their 3 main packages:

Traditional Polynesian Beach Ceremony

Located on a private beach, this package is ideal for beach lovers and is super romantic.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Carpet of tropical flowers & palm leaves
  • Mount Otemanu backdrop
  • Get picked up from your villa by canoe and dropped off at the ceremony
  • Traditional dancing & music as you arrive and leave
  • Traditional Polynesian ceremony
  • Wedding certificate (made from local tapa)
  • Flower necklaces & flower crowns

Traditional Chapel Ceremony

The chapel ceremony feels a bit more traditional compared with the beach ceremony.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Ceremony in the glass-bottomed overwater chapel
  • Choir singing Polynesian love songs
  • Live music & Polynesian dancing
  • Flower necklaces & flower crowns
  • Wedding certificate (made from local tapa)

Traditional Ocean Ceremony

The ocean ceremony is my personal favorite as it takes place on the other side of the motu by a lush jungle. You’ll get views of the surrounding islands from here.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Traditional Polynesian ceremony
  • Flower necklaces & flower crowns

Here’s what you can expect from the wedding ceremonies at InterContinental Thalasso:

4. St Regis Bora Bora Wedding Package

St Regis offers a range of incredible wedding packages giving you the chance to get married at one of Bora Bora’s most luxurious resorts with the lagoon and Mount Otemanu as your backdrop.

Wedding packages at St Regis Bora Bora cost between $5,400 and $7,320 making them the most expensive option available.

As well as the wedding packages, St Regis also allows you to completely customize and design your own wedding. You can work with one of their wedding planners to get the day just right.

The weddings themselves are stunning with every detail being carefully planned and prepared even down to steaming your wedding clothes for you and providing the groom with a separate room to get ready in.

Here’s an overview of the St Regis Bora Bora wedding packages:

Island Simplicity Package

This is St Regis Bora Bora’s cheapest package and starts at $5,400.

This package includes:

  • A dedicated wedding planner who plans the wedding for you
  • Steaming of your wedding clothes
  • Makeup/hair for the bride
  • A simple wedding ceremony with an officiant
  • Wedding cake
  • Bottle of rosé
  • One hour session with a photographer
  • Candlelit dinner for 2 on the main beach

Traditional Polynesian Package

This package costs $7,320.

This package includes everything that the Island Simplicity Package includes, however the ceremony itself is more Polynesian themed.

Before the ceremony officially begins, the groom will arrive by traditional canoe in the lagoon. 

The ceremony starts with traditional Polynesian music and dancing with the aisle being decorated with tropical flower petals and palm tree leaves. 

You also have the option to wear traditional Polynesian clothing for the wedding including pareos, flower leis and flower crowns.

Here’s what you can expect of a wedding at St Regis Bora Bora:

5. Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts Wedding Packages

Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts has the widest range of wedding packages available with 8 to choose from.

Weddings at Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts cost between 97,400 XPF and 372,300 XPF ($815 and $3,100).

Their packages vary from super simple and intimate to extravagant. They literally have a package that they say is fit for a king/queen.

You can choose to get married aboard a deluxe catamaran, on the beach or on a private islet.

Le Bora Bora also works hard to incorporate Polynesian traditions into your ceremony and make it the ultimate day to remember.

Their packages include things like a romantic dinner, musicians, Polynesian dancers, champagne, boat cruises, spa treatments, bridal bouquets and more.

Here’s 2 of my favorite wedding packages available at Le Bora Bora:

The Royal Wedding Day

The royal wedding at Le Bora Bora is designed to be fit for a queen or king. This is one of my favorite Bora Bora wedding packages as it’s super luxurious and special.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Breakfast delivered to your room by canoe
  • Get pampered at the spa
  • Wedding ceremony on the beach 
  • A wedding certificate
  • Sunset cruise on a deluxe catamaran
  • A bottle of champagne 
  • Dinner on the beach under the stars

This package costs 372,300 XPF which is around $3,100.

Nati Hau, The Ultimate One

This stunning beach wedding package is another favorite of mine.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 50-minute couples massage at the spa
  • Bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere
  • Wedding ceremony on the beach
  • Wedding certificate
  • 1 Tahitian pearl
  • Champagne toast
  • Wedding cake
  • Canoe breakfast the next day

This package costs 145,900 XPF which is around $1,200.

6. InterContinental Le Moana Wedding Packages

One of the key benefits of getting married at InterContinental Le Moana is that it is located on the main island rather than on a private motu.

InterContinental Le Moana is the best resort to get married at if you want a legal wedding as it’s just a 12 minute drive from Bora Bora’s city hall.

💡Tip: To legally get married in Bora Bora, you need to visit the City Hall on the main island. The ceremonies on the resorts are symbolic only.

They offer a range of stunning Polynesian themed weddings which you’re sure to remember for a lifetime.

The wedding packages at InterContinental Le Moana cost between $1,200 and $3,700.

Le Moana offer 2 main wedding packages:

The Moana Intimate Blessing

This small Tahitian themed wedding ceremony takes place on Le Moana’s wooden deck which looks out into the deep blue lagoon.

Here’s what you get:

  • Tahitian music
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Wedding cake
  • Simple Polynesian ceremony
  • A local priest who conducts the ceremony

This is the cheapest package available at Le Moana costing approximately $1,200.

The Moana Royal

This grand Tahitian wedding celebration also takes place on Le Moana’s wooden deck which looks out onto the turquoise lagoon.

Here’s what you get:

  • Musicians who escort you to the ceremony
  • Polynesian themed wedding ceremony
  • A local priest to conduct the ceremony
  • Tahitian dancers who perform at the end of the ceremony
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Wedding cake
  • Bed decorated with tropical flowers

Le Moana can also help you with preparations if you’re looking for a legal wedding.

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading this post all about the best wedding packages available in Bora Bora.

It really is a dream to get married in Bora Bora so hopefully reading this post made the decision a little easier for you.


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