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Best Views Of The Pitons in St Lucia (includes Maps + Directions)

When my boyfriend and I began planning our first trip to St Lucia, seeing the iconic Piton mountains was right at the top of my list! I mean, can you blame me!?

When I arrived in St Lucia, I made it my personal mission to find all of the best viewpoints of the Pitons. I’d love to share with you my findings!

This post covers exactly where you can get the best views of the Pitons including directions to each viewpoint.

Let’s jump straight in…

Best View of Pitons in St Lucia

View of Piton mountains

In case you didn’t know the Pitons are two mountains that sit side by side and are located on the southwestern coast of St Lucia.

The tallest peak, Gros Piton, is 798m whilst the smaller mountain, Petit Piton, still reaches an impressive 743m.

There’s many places across the island where you can get phenomenal views of the Piton mountains both from the shore or from up high.

Here are the best viewpoints of the Pitons in St Lucia:

  • Paradise Beach
  • Hummingbird Beach
  • Colombette Viewpoint
  • Tet Paul Nature Trail
  • Sugar Beach/Jalousie Beach

Here are the best hotels with views of the Pitons in St Lucia:

Below I go into more detail on each of these viewpoints and hotels including what to expect and how to get there (including maps + directions).

Paradise Beach at Soufriere Bay 

Paradise Beach, also commonly known as Malgretoute Beach, is a sandy beach that has one of the best views of the Pitons in St Lucia. 

From the shores of the beach you’ll be greeted by breathtaking, unobstructed views of the Pitons. 

One of my favorite things about this beach is that it’s super quiet as not many people know about it so it’s likely that you’ll have the whole place to yourself. It’s such a hidden gem.

When I visited there was literally only a few other people on the beach so it was really blissful.

This beach also offers excellent snorkeling so bring your snorkeling gear with you to meet some tropical fish up close! I saw tons of amazing fishies when I visited.

How To Get To Paradise Beach

Map of Paradise Beach
Map of Paradise Beach

Head south down Soufriere’s main road then turn right just opposite the Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park. 

Look out for a turnoff dirt road which sits around 150ft from the bridge just before ‘Martha’s Tables’ restaurant.

You can park your car along this dirt road and walk down towards the beach which takes roughly 5 minutes.

Check out the handy map below:

Map showing how to get to Paradise Beach

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Hummingbird Beach

Hummingbird Beach, which forms part of the Hummingbird Beach Resort, is another fantastic location where you can get great views of the Pitons.

Take a walk along the trail that leads from Hummingbird Beach to Anse Chastanet Beach. There are several points along this trail that offer mesmerizing views of the Pitons.

You’ll also get great views of the Pitons from Hummingbird Beach itself. Even though a resort sits along the beachfront, you can still access the beach even if you’re not staying at the resort.

The resort is pretty small (it only has 8 rooms) so it doesn’t make the beach busy at all. This beach is still a bit of a hidden gem so you won’t have to fight the crowds here.

You’ll also find a beach bar here if you want to stick around for sunset and grab a cocktail or two.

I spent a good few hours here relaxing on the beach and really enjoyed it! The views of the Pitons just made the whole experience even better.

How To Get To Hummingbird Beach

Map of Hummingbird Beach
Map of Hummingbird Beach

Simply make your way over to the Hummingbird Beach Resort and you’ll easily be able to access the beach. 

The beach itself is public so you don’t need to be a guest.

Colombette Viewpoint 

Colombette Viewpoint is located in Colombette above the town of Soufriere. 

It offers unbelievably beautiful views of the Piton mountains from afar as well as a birds eye view of Soufriere.

This is one of the best viewpoints as you are up high and looking across the town and bay towards the Pitons. It’s ideal for photographers who want to get a great photo of the mountains.

Check out the view from Colombette Viewpoint in the video below:

As this is a famous viewpoint, you’ll find a few vendors selling souvenirs like jewelry.

There’s also a restaurant called ‘The Beacon’ located nearby which has similar views so you can head here if you’d like a bite to eat.

How To Get To Colombette Viewpoint

Map of Colombette Viewpoint
Map of Colombette Viewpoint

The Colombette Viewpoint is found along the roadside when you’re driving into Soufriere from Castries in the town of Colombette.

You’ll easily spot the viewing platform from the road – just look out for a fenced off area with a bright blue roof. You can’t miss it.

If you’re driving in by taxi then just ask your driver to make a quick stop at the viewpoint (most are happy to do this).

Google Maps has the location named as ‘Mirador Piton Santa Lucia’ however it’s more commonly known as Colombette Viewpoint.

Check out this map for the exact location:

Map showing how to get to Colombette Viewpoint
Map showing how to get to Colombette Viewpoint

Tet Paul Nature Trail

Another great place to view the Pitons is along the Tet Paul Nature Trail.

Hiking along this trail takes around 45 minutes in total. The hike itself is described as easy to moderate so would suit most people including families. 

There are a number of steps you’ll need to climb throughout the hike.

As well as the beautiful Piton mountains, you’ll also be able to see the islands of Martinique and St Vincent in the distance.

You can stop at several points along this trail to admire the views and snap a quick photo of the view.

The trail itself isn’t free to access so you will need to pay $10 per person to enjoy it. 

This does come with a personal tour guide though who will give you tons of information about the city, it’s history and the views.

Check out the Tet Paul Nature Trail in the video below:

How To Get To Tet Paul Nature Trail

Map of Tet Paul Nature Trail
Map of Tet Paul Nature Trail

The trail is easy to access by car. Head over to the Fond Doux Eco Resort which sits just off the main road in Soufriere. 

When you reach the gates for the resort, turn left. At this point, you should see a sign for the Tet Paul Nature Trail. 

You’ll then have to follow a fairly steep road for around a mile until you get to the car park which sits at the start of the trail.

Check out this map for the exact location:

Map showing how to get to Tet Paul Nature Trail
Map showing how to get to Tet Paul Nature Trail

Sugar Beach/Jalousie Beach

Sugar Beach is the closest beach to the Pitons, sitting right at the foot of the mountains so you’ll get an impressive up close view from here. 

It really makes you realize how big these mountains really are!

This crescent-shaped beach sits between the two peaks and is part of the underwater National Marine Reserve. 

This beach goes by several names including ‘Jalousie Beach’ and ‘Anse des Pitons’ however it’s most commonly known as ‘Sugar Beach’ due to the Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort which sits on its shores.

Snorkeling at the base of the Petit Piton will offer astounding and vibrant marine life! In fact, Sugar Beach is one of the best snorkeling spots in St Lucia.

This beach is well equipped and has public restrooms, snorkel equipment that you can rent and vendors selling drinks and snacks to keep you refreshed.

Although you’ll get an impressive view of the Pitons from the beach, you’ll actually get better views whilst getting to the beach…

How To Get To Sugar Beach

Map of Sugar Beach
Map of Sugar Beach

You will find Sugar Beach just south of Petit Piton right in front of the Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort.

Water taxis are one of the most popular ways of traveling to Sugar Beach as you will get a chance to enjoy the beautiful views from the boat. 

In fact, the views from the boat are better than the views from the beach so I’d definitely recommend catching one.

You can also access the beach via the Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort. As you walk down to the beach from the car park, you will get a fantastic view of the mountains from afar

You don’t need to be a guest at the resort to access the beach.

St Lucia Hotels with Best View of Pitons

St Lucia has a range of fantastic properties to stay in including several breathtaking resorts that sit on a cliffside offering epic views of the Pitons.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Jade Mountain Resort 

Definitely my favorite hotel in St Lucia with views of the Pitons is the Jade Mountain Resort which sits along a 600ft beachfront. It’s super dreamy and really gives you that ‘wow’ feeling.

Every single suite comes with views of the magical Piton mountains and the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy the 24-hour butler service and private infinity pools (which are included with most rooms).

The Jade Mountain Resort is a top choice for couples, especially those on a honeymoon as it’s really romantic and offers a ton of privacy.

On the property, you’ll find every kind of amenity you could possibly need including a range of restaurants, bars, a spa, yoga classes and tons of water sports.

If there’s anything else that you need, your butler will sort it for you asap.

Book Your Stay At Jade Mountain Resort Now

Here’s what you can expect at Jade Mountain Resort:

Ladera Resort 

The Ladera Resort is a top choice as it’s one of St Lucia’s most luxurious resorts as well as one of its most unique resorts.

This resort stands on the grounds of the former Rabot Estate which was one of Soufriere’s oldest and most well known cocoa plantations.

Today this area is a luxury adults-only resort where all suites are perfectly placed looking out at the stunning Piton mountains and the vibrant blue Caribbean Sea.

Alongside that, each suite also contains a private plunge pool. Some of which even have swings and a waterfall! Now that’s luxury.

This luxury property is located 1,100ft high on a cliffside meaning you’re guaranteed the best views of the Pitons in St Lucia.

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Here’s what you can expect at the Ladera Resort:

Anse Chastanet Resort 

The Anse Chastanet Resort is located between Anse Mamin Beach and Anse Chastanet Beach. 

This resort has a classic Caribbean feel and comes with those epic Piton views that you’re after along with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

Rooms come with balconies too so you can enjoy the views from the comfort of your own room.

You can also head out on a number of wonderful excursions including kayaking, cycling through the jungle, bird watching and island exploration tours.

Book Your Stay At Anse Chastanet Resort Now

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort 

The Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort, which sits along the shores of Sugar Beach, is another great property which offers fantastic views of the Piton mountains.

They offer a range of private cottages located within the mountains themselves as well as beachfront bungalows. Some rooms also feature private plunge pools and a personal butler service.

As this resort sits snugly between the two Piton mountains right at their base, it offers epic views from a unique angle.

Book Your Stay At Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort Now

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading this post all about where you can find the best view of the Pitons in St Lucia.

No trip to St Lucia is complete without seeing these majestic mountains at least once.

Did you know that you can also hike Gros Piton?

It’s a tough hike but well worth the impressive views that you’ll get when you reach the summit.

Need more help planning your St Lucia vacation?


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