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9 Fun Things To Do In Bora Bora When It Rains

Although I visited Bora Bora during the dry season, it did still rain on one day of our trip.

We cancelled our plans for the day and quickly came up with some fun wet weather activities.

Here are some of the best things to do in Bora Bora when it rains.

Things to Do in Bora Bora When it Rains

Even when it rains, Bora Bora’s beauty still shines through and there’s still plenty you can do.

Remember as well that Bora Bora is very hot and often you’ll be glad when the rain comes as it’s super refreshing. The key is to embrace the rain, don’t be afraid of it.

💡Quick Tip: Most of Bora Bora’s resorts will offer you some throw-over plastic raincoats so I’d highly recommend having one of these in your bag wherever you go.

So, without further ado, here’s 9 awesome things to do in Bora Bora when it rains.

1. Go Snorkeling

Whilst you might think that you have to stay indoors when it’s raining, you definitely don’t!

Snorkeling in the lagoon is one of Bora Bora’s most popular activities and a bit of rain doesn’t change that.

I mean, you’re going to get wet anyway so what’s the difference…right?!

I actually did this when it was raining and noticed that underwater, the conditions were exactly the same, even when it was raining. 

Snorkeling in Bora Bora.

Grab your snorkeling gear and jump into the lagoon and you’ll be able to swim alongside an array of tropical fish, rays and reef sharks.

If you’re staying in an overwater bungalow then jump in straight from your outdoor deck.

You can also join a snorkeling tour like this one that usually runs if the rain isn’t too heavy.

Check out my ultimate Bora Bora snorkeling guide for the best spots and locations where you’ll be able to swim with hundreds of fish!

2. Get a Massage at the Spa

Most of Bora Bora’s fancy resorts like St Regis or the Four Seasons have an on-site spa.

If it’s raining then this is the perfect time to head over there and get yourself a nice, relaxing massage.

Hint: If you don’t want to walk to the spa in the rain then call the concierge and they’ll probably send someone over to pick you up in a golf cart.

I actually wrote a guide on Bora Bora’s massage prices if you want to budget for this as I had 2 massage whilst I was in Bora Bora.

The spas offer a range of other rejuvenating treatments too including facials, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures and much more.

It’s super relaxing and one of Bora Bora’s best wet weather activities.

3. Explore Vaitape

Church in Vaitape.

If the rain isn’t too heavy then you can spend the day wandering around Bora Bora’s main city, Vaitape.

There’s tons of indoor restaurants, cafes, shops and art galleries to explore so you’ll barely spend any time outside.

Some of my favorite places to check out in Vaitape include Deep Sea Pearls, where you can buy a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry, and Alain Despert, which is a unique art gallery.

You can easily spend an hour or two in the art gallery and the owner and artist himself, Alain, is often there so you’ll get the chance to meet him in person!

I was so shocked when he walked up to me and told me he was Alain (I kinda thought it was a joke, not gonna lie) but nope, that’s him. He’s super friendly.

4. Have Lunch at One of Bora Bora’s Best Restaurants

If it’s raining, what better way to spend the time than eat?!

Bora Bora has a range of fantastic restaurants that will provide shelter for you during the rain.

Chances are that by the time you’ve finished your meal, the rain will have stopped so you can carry on with your day.

Some of the best restaurants on the main island are Bloody Mary’s and the Bora Bora Yacht Club.

Alternatively, if you want to lunch at one of the resorts then try out the Lagoon Restaurant by Jean-Georges at St Regis (they’re super friendly to outside guests).

I actually stayed at the St Regis so I eat here a few times and I can only say good things!

Check out my guide on restaurant prices in Bora Bora to budget this activity.

5. Go Scuba Diving

As I already mentioned, even when it’s raining, the conditions are still excellent underwater so why not head out scuba diving?

If you’ve never scuba dived before then you can sign up for an introductory tour like this one to learn the basics.

Bora Bora is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving as they have a huge abundance of marine life. I saw so many tropical fish and eels, it was unbelievable.

Don’t forget your underwater camera to snap a few epic underwater shots.

6. Step Inside the Paroisse Saint Pierre Celestin Church

The Paroisse Saint Pierre Celestin Church is actually one of Bora Bora’s most iconic buildings and, as it’s indoors, it’s a great place to check out when it’s raining.

This beautiful church, which is located in Vaitape, has stunning stained-glass windows which let in so much light that the whole church is illuminated.

It makes for a nice change of scenery after being surrounded by nature and the ocean for so long.

7. Attend a Class

Many of Bora Bora’s top resorts put on classes throughout the week for their guests to enjoy.

These range from Polynesian cooking classes to flower crown making classes and basket weaving classes!

Just head over to the reception desk (or give them a call) to ask what classes they have available that day.

One of my personal highlights of the whole trip was the flower crown making class. I ended up wearing the crown all week, it was stunning.

8. Watch a Movie

If you ask at the reception desk, they often have a few DVDs available for guests to use during bad weather.

Simply head to the reception desk (or call them) and ask them for a DVD and chances are they can help.

Then you can curl up in your overwater bungalow (or beach bungalow) and enjoy the movie.

9. Read a Book in Your Bungalow

Overwater bungalow deck

There’s something very soothing about sitting back with a good book and hearing the rain all around you.

If you have an overwater bungalow then even better, sit out on your outdoor deck (they’re usually covered) and read in peace.

Bora Bora Wet Season

As a tropical island, Bora Bora has a dry season and a wet season. The wet season runs from November until April.

Temperatures don’t really change throughout the year. Whichever month you visit, you can expect temperatures around 80ºF to 83ºF (27ºC to 28ºC).

During the rainy season, you’ll experience the occasional heavy rainshower and sometimes the sky will be gray for most of the day.

Don’t worry too much if it starts raining heavily though as most rain showers are over within 10 to 20 minutes and it will dry up pretty quick because of the heat.

It very rarely rains all day in Bora Bora even in the rainiest month which is January.

It’s also super humid during Bora Bora’s wet season. For example, in January you can expect around 80% humidity.

And that’s it!

That’s 9 fun things to do in Bora Bora when it rains.

Don’t fear the rain too much. It’s super unlikely that it will rain all day every day for your entire vacation so just plan your activities around the rain.

Some of Bora Bora’s best activities, like snorkeling and scuba diving, can still be done even if it’s raining so don’t let it stop you.

Need more help planning your Bora Bora vacation?

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