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23 Things You Absolutely Love If You’re From Texas

If you’re from Texas then you know there’s a lot to love about our great state. 

From the delicious food to cherished traditions, there’s something for everyone in the Lone Star State.

In this article, we’re going to explore 23 things that make Texas so special. 

Get ready to smile and nod along as we list all of the things that pretty much every Texan absolutely loves!

1. BBQ

In Texas, barbecue isn’t just food, it’s a way of life! 

From smoky ribs to juicy brisket, Texans know how to grill meat to perfection. 

Whether it’s a backyard cookout or a big BBQ festival, you can bet there’ll be plenty of mouthwatering flavors and good times shared with friends and family.

Texans take pride in their BBQ skills and every bite is a taste of tradition.

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2. Road trips

Road trips in Texas are an adventure you can’t miss! 

With endless highways and diverse landscapes, there’s always something new to see. 

From quirky small towns to stunning natural parks, every trip is full of surprises. 

Texans enjoy the open road, great music and making memories along the way.

3. Texas

Texans are bursting with state pride and it’s contagious! 

You’ll see the Lone Star flag everywhere, from front porches to bumper stickers. 

People love showing off their Texas roots with big smiles and even bigger stories.

This strong sense of pride brings people together and makes Texas truly special.

4. Floating the river

Floating down the river is a Texas favorite that pretty much everyone loves! 

Grab a tube, some friends and a cooler full of drinks, and you’re set for a day of fun. 

The cool, refreshing water is perfect for beating the strong Texas heat. The Comal River is a particular favorite!

It’s all about relaxing, laughing and enjoying the beautiful scenery as you drift along the river.

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5. Blue Bell Ice Cream

Jonny Hunter / Flickr

Ask any Texan and they’ll probably say that their favorite ice cream is Blue Bell Ice Cream.

With creamy, rich flavors like Homemade Vanilla and Cookies ‘n Cream, every scoop is a little taste of heaven. 

It’s the perfect treat on a hot day or a sweet ending to any meal. 

Texans love sharing a big bowl of Blue Bell with family and friends.

6. Tex-Mex

Tex-Mex is a delicious blend of Texas and Mexican flavors that Texans can’t get enough of! 

From sizzling fajitas to cheesy enchiladas, every dish is packed with bold and tasty ingredients. 

Add some spicy salsa and creamy guacamole, and you’ve got a feast. 

It’s the kind of food that brings people together.

7. Camping

Texans can’t get enough of camping.

With starry nights, cozy campfires and wide-open spaces, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. 

From roasting marshmallows to telling stories, every camping trip is full of fun. 

Texans cherish these moments of nature and bonding with friends and family.

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8. Ridiculously big pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are a Texas staple but what’s one thing better than a pickup truck….a HUGE pickup truck.

These massive vehicles are perfect for hauling, towing and showing off a bit. 

With shiny rims and powerful engines, they turn heads wherever they go. 

Texans really do take pride in their trucks.

9. Whataburger

Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Whataburger is a Texas favorite that everyone raves about! 

Known for its big, juicy burgers and famous orange-and-white stripes, it’s a go-to spot for delicious fast food. 

The menu has something for everyone, from classic burgers to tasty breakfast items. 

Texans love gathering at Whataburger for a tasty meal and good times.

10. Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets are a beautiful sight that Texans absolutely adore! 

Every spring, these vibrant blue flowers blanket the fields and roadsides, creating stunning views. 

For many families, taking photos in the bluebonnet fields has become a cherished tradition. 

11. Stargazing

Stargazing in Texas is a magical experience that everyone enjoys! 

With vast, clear skies, you can almost always see countless stars twinkling above. 

It’s a peaceful and awe-inspiring way to spend the evening and Texans absolutely love the breathtaking beauty of their star-filled skies.

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12. Beer

Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Texans love their beer and it’s always a hit at any gathering! 

From Lone Star Beer to Shiner Bock, everyone’s got a favorite.

It’s the go-to drink for barbecues, football games and lazy afternoons. 

Sharing a cold beer with friends is a beloved Texas tradition.

13. Historic towns

Visiting a historic small town feels like stepping back in time and most Texans love exploring them! 

With charming streets, old buildings and fascinating stories, each town has its own unique character. 

From Fredericksburg to Pecos and everything in between, there’s so many historic towns in Texas to enjoy.

Texans are proud of their heritage and love sharing it with visitors.

14. Dr Pepper

Mike Mozart / Flickr

Dr Pepper was created in the 1880s in Waco, Texas and since then it’s become a Texas favorite.

In fact, it’s thought to be Texas’ most popular soda!

This unique, flavorful soda has a taste all its own and is perfect for cooling off on a hot day. 

Texans enjoy it at picnics, barbecues and just about any time. 

15. Country music

Country music is a beloved part of Texas culture that everyone enjoys! 

With its heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes, it brings people together and tells great stories. 

From honky-tonks to big concerts, the music creates fun, memorable moments. 

Texans take pride in their country roots and love dancing and singing along.

16. Football

Shawn Newsom / Flickr

Football in Texas is more than just a game, it’s a way of life! 

Friday nights are all about cheering for high school teams under the bright stadium lights. 

From tailgating to touchdown celebrations, the excitement is contagious. 

Texans are passionate about their teams and love every moment of the action.

17. Sweet tea

Sweet tea is a Texas favorite that everyone loves to drink! 

This refreshing, sugary beverage is perfect for cooling down on a hot day. 

Whether you’re at a barbecue or sitting on the porch, a glass of sweet tea always hits the spot. 

Texans take pride in making the best sweet tea around!

18. Rodeos

Rodeos are a thrilling part of Texas culture that every Texan loves! 

With bull riding, barrel racing and roping events, there’s never a dull moment. 

The atmosphere is absolutely electric, filled with cheers and excitement.

Texans love showing off their cowboy skills and celebrating this fun, wild tradition.

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19. Fishing

M I K E M O R R I S / Flickr

Fishing in Texas is a favorite pastime that everyone enjoys! 

From lakes to rivers and the Gulf Coast, there are plenty of great spots to cast a line. 

It’s all about relaxing, having fun and maybe catching a big one. 

Texans love spending time outdoors and sharing fishing adventures with friends and family.

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20. Live music & honky-tonks

Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Live music and honky-tonks are a Texas staple.

With toe-tapping tunes and lively dance floors, these spots are perfect for a fun night out. 

You can enjoy local bands, country classics and dancing the two-step with friends. 

I mean, there’s a reason that Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World.

21. The State Fair of Texas

Barbara Brannon / Flickr

The State Fair of Texas, held in Dallas every year, is an event that every Texan looks forward to! 

With thrilling rides, tasty fried foods and fun games, there’s something for everyone. 

Big Tex, the fair’s giant cowboy, welcomes visitors with a friendly wave and has been since 1952.

Texans love coming together to celebrate and enjoy the excitement of the fair.

22. Cowboy boots & hats

Cowboy boots and hats are iconic in Texas and everyone loves wearing them! 

These stylish and practical accessories are perfect for any occasion, from rodeos to dance halls. 

With their unique designs and craftsmanship, they show off a bit of Texas pride. 

Texans feel confident and ready for anything in their favorite boots and hats.

23. Family

Family is everything to Texans and they love spending time together! 

Gatherings are usually full of laughter, good food and shared stories. 

Whether it’s a big reunion or a simple Sunday dinner, family bonds are cherished. 

Texans take pride in their strong family connections and traditions.

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