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Are There Spiders In St Lucia? St Lucia Spiders Guide

I’m always super nervous before visiting any tropical island because my absolute worst fear is coming face to face with a giant 8-legged creature!

After visiting St Lucia for myself, I wanted to put together this ultimate guide on the spider situation to help others know what to expect when visiting the island.

Let’s jump straight in…

Are There Spiders in St Lucia?

You will find spiders in St Lucia however if you’re just visiting on vacation then it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll see one. If anything, you might see a small one.

When I visited St Lucia, I didn’t see many spiders at all! I only saw a few small ones when I was hiking Gros Piton and my guide did show me a tarantula hiding in a tree (I just saw a few hairy legs).

I’ll talk more about the tarantulas later on but the main thing to know is that you’ll only find them in the rainforest areas (like Gros Piton) and they’re actually scared of humans so you really have to seek them out.

I didn’t see any spiders at all around my resort or in the towns. The only place I saw them was when hiking and even then, there were very few.

The spiders live in these kinds of terrains:

All Caribbean countries, including St Lucia, have spiders and there are several different species present with the spiders ranging from small to large.

It’s unlikely that you’ll come across a spider and if you do, it will likely be outdoors. They rarely come into hotel rooms.

If you’re staying at one of the fancy 4 or 5-star resorts then it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll come across a spider (big or small) as they regularly spray the resorts with repellent.

I stayed at the Sandals Grande St Lucian and I saw zero spiders at all on the property then entire time we were there.

It’s also worth remembering that spiders actually eat bugs that would otherwise become bothersome so the spiders are actually doing us a favor (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

It’s also great to know that there have been no reports of any serious illnesses or bite wounds from any spiders in St Lucia so you can rest easy if you do come across one.

Do They Have Tarantulas in St Lucia?

Ok so I’m trying really hard not to freak you out with this one but tarantulas have been known to pop up from time to time in St Lucia.

Although St Lucia does have tarantulas, it’s unlikely that you’ll see one and the majority of people who vacation in St Lucia never see one either.

Again, if you do happen to spot one, it will probably be outdoors. 

Tarantulas don’t particularly like being indoors, so your biggest fear of finding a tarantula in your hotel room is unlikely to come true.

If you happen to go on a hike through the jungle whilst in St Lucia then you might see one (but even then, it’s unlikely).

I did see one when I was hiking Gros Piton but my guide specifically sought it out. They’re known to live in the holes in trees and we looked inside one and there it was. A tarantula!

I didn’t see any running around though, this one was peacefully chilling in it’s home.

The tarantulas present in St Lucia are usually around 4 to 4.5 inches in length and they are known to be very fast and skittish.

💡Did You Know? These types of tarantulas can live for up to 18 years!

If you happen to come across a tarantula in St Lucia then you don’t need to worry as they are completely harmless to humans.

Although tarantulas do possess venom, it is extremely mild and actually weaker than a typical bee’s.

These tarantulas do occasionally show up but they spend most of their time hiding from the desert hawk wasp that prey on them.

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Other Animals in St Lucia

There are not many dangerous animals in St Lucia at all but there are a few that you should be aware of.

Firstly, you will find scorpions in St Lucia. Their stings are painful but not lethal and they won’t cause you any harm other than the painful sting.

It’s best to steer clear of them either way. It’s the same story with the tarantulas – if they bite you, it will hurt. However, apart from the actual bite, you’ll not suffer any harm.

There are several different snake species present in St Lucia and, although most of them are completely harmless, there is one species you need to watch out for.

The Fer-de-Lance snake can be lethal to humans. It usually only hangs out in sparsely populated areas on the coast so it’s unlikely you’ll come across one.

If you happen to come across any type of snake, it’s best to leave it alone just in case.

And that’s it!

If you’re terrified of spiders (like me!) then hopefully this puts your mind at ease as the majority of visits to St Lucia are completely spider free.

And if you don’t want to see a tarantula then don’t go looking for one!

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