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Can You Take Mascara On A Plane? TSA Rules & Simple Guide

This post covers if you can take mascara on a plane. This article focuses on TSA rules and breaks them down into simple terms.

The rules are different depending on if you want to take mascara in your carry-on or your checked bag. This is all covered below.

Can You Take Mascara On A Plane?

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The simple answer is yes, you can take mascara on a plane but the quantity you take will affect how you need to pack it so keep reading to find out the in depth rules on this.

For any toiletries that you take on a plane, it is important to know whether they are classed as a ‘liquid’ or not under TSA rules.

Is Mascara a Liquid? – TSA Rules

Yes, under TSA rules, mascara is considered a liquid. 

TSA has a liquids rule which limits the amount of liquids you can bring on a plane. This rule applies to carry-on luggage only and not checked luggage.

TSA Liquids Rule

You are allowed to take a quart-sized, resealable bag of liquids in your carry-on. This would include liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes. You cannot take any more liquids in your carry-on – only the liquids that fit into this bag are allowed.

You will need to take this bag out of your carry-on luggage when passing through airport security.

It’s best to be prepared so you don’t get held up at security, you can check the price and availability of quart-sized, resealable bags on Amazon.

I’d suggest packing your liquids into the bag before you go to the airport to ensure that all your liquids fit. If you take extra liquids that don’t fit in the bag then these will be taken from you by security staff. 

It’s also important to note that each liquid item must contain 3.4oz/100 ml or less. Again, if you bring liquids in your carry-on that are over this amount then they will be taken from you by security staff.

Can You Take Mascara In A Carry-On?

Yes, you can take mascara in your carry-on however there are restrictions of how much you can take.

You must ensure that the mascara contains less than 3.4oz/100 ml. 

Most mascara tubes will clearly state how much liquid they contain so you can easily check this. This limit is per tube so, for example, if you have 2 tubes of mascara that you want to pack in your carry-on, each one needs to be less than 100 ml.

Most mascara tubes contain between 0.2oz – 0.44oz/6 ml – 13 ml so they should easily fall below the 3.4oz/100 ml limit. 

Can You Take Mascara In Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can take mascara in your checked luggage.

There are no size restrictions on taking mascara in checked luggage.

The Verdict

Yes, you can take mascara on a plane. If you’re taking mascara in your carry-on, ensure it contains less than 3.4oz/100ml and ensure it fits inside a quart-sized, resealable bag along with your other liquids. 

If you’re taking mascara in your checked bag then there are no restrictions.

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Thanks for reading this post on if you can take mascara on a plane. 

All information for this article was taken from the official TSA rules. You can visit their website for any additional queries.