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REVEALED: Top 12 Texas Locations for Bigfoot Sightings

Have you ever wondered if Bigfoot could be real? 

Imagine walking through the woods and suddenly seeing a huge, hairy creature that looks like it stepped out of a legend. 

In Texas, many people have reported seeing just that! 

Bigfoot Sightings Across Texas

From dense forests to remote farmlands, Bigfoot sightings have left people both amazed and terrified. 

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most exciting and mysterious Bigfoot encounters in Texas. 

Get ready to explore the stories, see the evidence and decide for yourself if Bigfoot might be hiding in the Lone Star State.

1. Wood County

Number of confirmed sightings: 4

Although Wood County doesn’t have the highest number of Bigfoot sightings in the state, it does have the most recent sighting.

In March 2024, a couple driving near Winnsboro spotted a massive, reddish-brown figure walking into the trees. 

The creature stood about 8 feet tall with shoulders 4 feet wide and long arms, making them stop in their tracks. 

In February 2006, a ranch worker near Quitman also encountered a 6-foot-tall, charcoal-gray figure running on two legs. 

He quickly left the area, shaken by the sight of what seemed like a huge ape.

Another sighting in December 1996 involved a family driving home from church near Quitman. 

They witnessed a tall, dark figure effortlessly step over a barbed-wire fence as if it wasn’t even there. 

2. Montgomery County

Number of confirmed sightings: 16

Montgomery County in East Texas has the highest number of confirmed Bigfoot sightings in the state.

In June 2014, a man driving to work near New Caney saw an enormous, hairy figure approaching cows in a pasture. 

The creature, estimated to be 8 to 9 feet tall, had a distinct beard and long arms but it disappeared into the woods before he could take a photo. 

Another sighting in July 2003 involved a horseback rider near Cut-n-Shoot who saw a large, reddish-brown figure leap across a road, an event that left a lasting impression on him.

In April 2002, another man hiking near Cut-n-Shoot also noticed a dark figure crouching and following him through the woods.

He later saw two large creatures watching him, confirming his belief in Bigfoot. 

Back in 1983, a man and his brother building a house in a rural area near Conroe experienced multiple encounters with large, loud and smelly creatures.

This included one that watched them from the pines. 

3. Liberty County

Number of confirmed sightings: 10

In Liberty County, there have been several notable Bigfoot sightings. 

On May 29, 2004, a man and his wife saw a rusty-red, six-foot-tall creature leap across a trail near Cleveland, while exploring a wooded area. 

The creature moved incredibly fast and disappeared into the forest, leaving them bewildered. 

Another sighting in April 2003 involved a mother and her son driving near Dayton.

They saw a hairy, man-like being as tall as a street sign, with an angry expression, which vanished before they could investigate further. 

In the spring of 1979 or 1980, a man parked near Splendora saw a massive, seven-foot-tall, hairy figure standing just six feet from his truck. 

The creature disappeared quickly when he turned on the headlights. 

These sightings all occurred in heavily wooded, swampy areas near the Trinity River.

4. Cass County

Number of confirmed sightings: 10

In Cass County, several intriguing Bigfoot sightings have been reported over the years. 

In May 2019, a man driving near Avinger saw a seven-foot-tall, black creature cross the road behind his car. 

He described it as weighing over 400 pounds and was shaken by the encounter. 

In July 2014, a father and son fishing near Lake Wright Patman saw what they initially thought was a bear. 

The creature then stood up, revealing itself to be eight to ten feet tall, dark brown and incredibly muscular. 

The father, believing it to be a demon, confronted it by preaching which caused the creature to roar and flee. 

Another sighting in 2000 involved a family fishing near Linden. 

As dusk fell, they heard footsteps and saw a massive figure walking through the water. 

The creature was at least six feet tall, much larger than a human, and they quickly left the area in fear. 

5. Rusk County

Number of confirmed sightings: 9

In Rusk County, several fascinating Bigfoot sightings have been reported. 

In November 2014, a man out near Reklaw saw a large, brown, seven-foot-tall creature walking on two legs through the Angelina River bottom. 

He watched it through his rifle scope until it disappeared into the woods. 

In November 2004, a man out near Minden saw a six-foot-tall, orange-brown creature standing in a tree. 

His uncle also reported seeing another, smaller creature in the same area. 

In the summer of 1983, a young boy in Overton saw a curious, four-foot-tall, reddish-brown creature watching him play through a screen door. 

The creature disappeared before his grandmother could see it but the boy vividly remembers the encounter. 

6. Parker County

Number of confirmed sightings: 8

In Parker County, there have been many recent Bigfoot sightings.

In October 2020, a couple near Weatherford saw a dark, tall, hairy figure wading in the Brazos River from a bridge. 

The creature disappeared before they could take a closer look. 

In July 2019, a driver on Tin Top Road near Weatherford encountered a large, black, human-like figure that stopped in the road, looked at his car and then quickly ran into a field. 

In August 2011, a truck driver working at a gas well site near Aledo saw glowing red eyes through a fence and had rocks thrown at his truck. 

He also smelled a skunk-like odor and heard a low growl. 

These sightings all occurred in remote, wooded and riverine areas.

7. Harrison County

Number of confirmed sightings: 8

In Harrison County, several intriguing Bigfoot sightings have been reported. 

In December 2001, a man near Marshall saw a 7-foot-tall, dark brown creature holding a deer hindquarter through his riflescope. 

The creature was spotted in a boggy area with black cypress trees. 

In December 1989, a man near Karnack observed a large, barrel-chested figure walking on two legs through a pipeline clearing. 

It shook a tree violently before disappearing into the woods. 

In March 2003, a driver near Harleton saw a tall, dark figure cross the road in three strides. 

The creature, estimated to be 7 or 8 feet tall, left a trail of water and a foul smell. 

8. Jasper County

Number of confirmed sightings: 7

In Jasper County, there have been many Bigfoot sightings, including some recent ones. 

In January 2003, two friends saw a 5-foot-tall, muscular, dark-haired creature running through a yard near Jasper. 

It stopped briefly to look at them before disappearing into the dark. 

In December 1983, two children in Buna saw a large, hairy, man-like creature sprint across a field and easily jump a barbed wire fence. 

They were terrified and ran to tell their relatives, who dismissed the sighting. 

More recently, in November 2023, a mother and son near Buna heard strange wood knocks and growls after witnessing erratic deer behavior following the screams of a pig. 

They also found that some of the boars they’d caught had disappeared without a trace. 

9. San Jacinto County

Number of confirmed sightings: 7

In San Jacinto County, many intriguing Bigfoot sightings have been reported, particularly within the Sam Houston National Forest.

In November 1997, a woman driving near Evergreen saw a 7-8 foot tall, reddish-haired creature with big black eyes staring at her before crouching to hide. 

The sighting left her scared and wary of the woods near her home. 

In January 2004, a man in the Sam Houston National Forest saw what he first thought was a bear but it stood up and moved away on two legs, making strange, irritated sounds. 

The witness, an experienced outdoorsman, was perplexed by the encounter.

In August 1996, another sighting in the Sam Houston National Forest involved an ATV rider who saw a 6-6.5 foot tall, broad-shouldered creature covered in dark hair. 

The creature quickly turned and ran into the woods, leaving the rider in awe. 

10. Smith County

Number of confirmed sightings: 6

In Smith County, there have been multiple fascinating Bigfoot sightings, particularly in and around Whitehouse. 

In April 2011, a father and son near Whitehouse saw a 6-foot-tall creature with burnt orange hair cross a road and later stand at the edge of a dense wooded area. 

The creature moved smoothly and with purpose, leaving the witnesses disturbed and intrigued. 

In June 2001, a group of friends fishing near Whitehouse encountered a giant, white, hairy creature that jumped across a creek and disappeared into the woods. 

Their story was later corroborated by other students who saw a similar creature while playing paintball. 

In July 1972, a seven-year-old boy, his cousin and his grandfather saw a large, dark grayish-white creature near Lake Tyler East. 

The creature, about 7-8 feet tall, walked with a distinct swinging motion and stepped over a barbed wire fence with ease. 

11. Fannin County

Number of confirmed sightings: 6

In Fannin County, several intriguing Bigfoot sightings have been reported.

In July 2015, a woman and her roommate heard loud howling, like a mother calling a child, while on their farm near Bear Creek.

The same witness later saw a Bigfoot from her porch, describing it as 8 feet tall with flowing black hair. 

In December 2010, a man experienced bizarre occurrences such as tree knocks, growls and strange landscaping in the forest, suggesting Bigfoot activity. 

He also saw large, orange eyes in the forest and his campsite was disturbed by rock throwing and mysterious noises.

In February 1992, a witness driving from Windom after midnight saw a dark, upright figure run across the road near Pecan Gap. 

She described it as at least 7 feet tall, covered in dark hair and moving faster than a human. 

She later realized it could be a Bigfoot after reading similar reports. 

12. Houston County

Number of confirmed sightings: 5

Houston County has been a hotspot for intriguing Bigfoot sightings, with several credible reports. 

In November 2007, three men observed a massive, 8 to 9-foot tall creature with dark brown hair cross the road in front of their truck near Grapeland. 

They described its incredible speed and muscular build, noting its eerie silence. 

In 1980, two children saw a black, hairy creature watching them near a pond in Crockett, though their parents did not believe them. 

Another sighting in December 1981 involved a man near Lovelady, who saw a 7-foot tall, ape-like creature leap over a fence effortlessly and disappear into the forest.

The man’s shock was so profound that it took hours for him to fully comprehend what he had seen. 


All sightings and data reported in this article were taken from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the only scientific research organization exploring Bigfoot.

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