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Where To See Flamingos In The Bahamas – 2024 Guide

Welcome to the Bahamas where the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are not the only attractions that will leave you in awe.

When I was planning my first ever Bahamas trip recently, one thing I really wanted to do was see flamingos!

From my experience, the best place to see flamingos in the Bahamas is at Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre in Nassau.

In fact, flamingos sightings are guaranteed here as they have a resident population on-site.

You can visit for yourself by booking onto a half day guided Nassau tour that includes a stop to see the famous flamingos!

But don’t stop reading just yet – I’ve got plenty of other flamingo hotspots to share with you!

Best Places To See Flamingos In The Bahamas

As you may know, the Caribbean flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas and for good reason.

There are many places across the islands where you can see flamingos both in the wild and in zoos. 

The wild flamingos are mainly found on the southern islands of the Bahamas whilst in places like Nassau, you’ll only be able to see them in zoos.

1. Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre, Nassau

Hands down, the best place to see flamingos in Nassau is at the Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre

Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre is a tropical garden, conservation center and boutique zoo.

It also serves as a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility so you know the flamingos are well cared for.

These 4-acre lush tropical gardens are inhabited by a range of animal species including Caribbean flamingos, parrots and even boa constrictors!

Flamingos in the Bahamas

The best way to visit the gardens is by joining a Nassau day tour that includes a stop at the gardens.

This is what I did and I really enjoyed it -plus I got to see so much more than just flamingos.

This tour will take you to the best sites in Nassau including Ardastra Gardens to see their famous flamingos.

You can see and interact with the flamingos (who just wander around as they please) as you walk around and explore the gardens.

I really loved seeing this fluffy pink guys in real life and we were able to get so up close to them.

You can see them in the video below:

You can also stick around to watch the flamingos take part in the ‘Flamingo Parade’.

They put on this show three times a day (10:30am, 1:30pm & 3pm) where they march around in perfect synchronization.

They usually invite some guests to join in with the show too which is super fun! Kids in particular absolutely love it.

Address: Chippingham Rd, Nassau, Bahamas

2. Inagua National Park, Great Inagua

Great Inagua Island is the southernmost island in the Bahamas and is home to over 80,000 wild Caribbean flamingos!

Interestingly, the majority of the flamingos that live in the Bahamas can be found here.

One of the best places to spot flamingos here is by the shores of Lake Rosa which lies within the boundaries of Inagua National Park.

I was lucky enough to visit Lake Rosa recently and boy was it incredible!! I saw literally hundreds of flamingos standing along the shores of the lake.

Flamingos in the Bahamas

This lake serves as a breeding ground for the flamingos which is why there’s so many of them.

The island of Great Inagua is perfect for flamingos as it is a pristine and largely uninhabited island (only 800 people live there).

It’s also less popular with tourists which means that the flamingo population has been able to flourish! I only saw about 7 other groups the entire day.

One downside is that it can be tricky to get to alone – I did have to book a tour to get there.

Great Inagua is also known as the bird watching capital of the Bahamas due to its abundance of bird species.

It is actually the largest breeding ground in the whole world for Caribbean flamingos.

Check out the flamingos of Great Inagua in the video below:

Find out where to see turtles in the Bahamas too!

3. Baha Mar, Nassau

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is a luxurious resort located on Cable Beach in Nassau.

Flamingo Cay, which forms part of the resort, is a protected sanctuary for flamingos. 

Guests of the resort can visit Flamingo Cay to see one of the flamingos’ daily parades (9:30am and 3:30pm). 

For a more intimate experience, you can book onto their ‘Flamingo Encounter’ experience where you can meet the flamingos one-on-one. 

They also run ‘Flamingo Yoga’ sessions at the resort where you’ll do some yoga accompanied by the resident flamingos. This is definitely a unique and exciting experience.  

I didn’t stay at the resort myself but I have a friend who did and she said it was amazing! She loved the flamingo parade and also said the the hotel was super luxurious and elegant.

You can see the flamingos of Baha Mar in the video below:

4. Acklins Island

Acklins Island, which surrounds a shallow lagoon, is home to large flocks of Caribbean flamingos.

There are actually a few places across Acklins Island where you can see the flamingos.

One of the best spots is in the north of the island in the settlement of Chesters.

The numerous ponds found in Chesters are a prime spot for flamingo spotting, especially the ponds close to Chester’s Highway Inn Bonefish Lodge.

Another great place to see flamingos on Acklins Island is at Mason’s Bay. The flamingos can usually be found by the mangroves in the bay.

Another must-do experience in is seeing the famous swimming pigs of the Bahamas!

5. Long Cay

Long Cay is a small off-shore island just northwest of Acklins Island. It lies along the edges of the Bight of Acklins, a large shallow lagoon. 

To see flamingos head to Flamingo Bay where you’ll usually find the flamingos flocking along the shore. This bay is on the south side of Long Cay. 

6. Crooked Island

Crooked Island is a remote, secluded island just northeast of Long Cay. It also surrounds the Bight of Acklins, a large shallow lagoon. 

One of the best places on Crooked Island where you can see flamingos is at Brine Pool.

Brine Pool is a lagoon that stretches from Landrail Point north to Pittstown Point. It is separated from the sea by a long beach. 

Flamingos often flock here around sunset from nearby Long Cay. 

Another spot where you can often see flamingos is French Wells, which lies at the southwestern point of Crooked Island.

The flamingos usually come to French Wells to mate and can often be seen swimming in the water.

I’ve included a map of Crooked Island below to help you find these locations. 

7. Mayaguana

Mayaguana is the eastern most island of the Bahamas. 

Many colonies of flamingos can be found across the island. I found that the best place to see them is at Booby Cay, a small island just off the east coast of Mayaguana.

I also saw flamingos on many of the other beaches across the island. 

Check out the video below to see some flamingos at Booby Cay in Mayaguana:

And that’s it! That’s all of the best places where you can see flamingos in the Bahamas.

I hope this article has sparked your interest in the beautiful flamingos of the Bahamas.

Whether you choose to visit Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre or venture out to one of the other locations mentioned in this post, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. 


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