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Few People Know There’s A Magical European Castle Hiding In This Small Texas Town

In the heart of Texas lies a hidden gem that will transport you across continents and through time.

Deep within Texas Hill Country, you’ll find a magical castle that few people have even heard of.

Imagine stumbling upon a castle straight out of a European fairy tale with towering turrets, grand halls and ivy-covered walls. 

It’s not the typical sight you’re used to seeing in Texas, that’s for sure.

But it’s true – there is a stunning European-style fairytale castle located right in the heart of Texas.

This isn’t a dream or a storybook fantasy – it’s Falkenstein Castle, a hidden gem tucked away in the middle of nowhere.

Falkenstein Castle

Falkenstein Castle looks like something out of a fairy tale!

It’s not just any old building. It’s a castle inspired by those magical medieval castles you’d find in Europe. 

It was particularly inspired by the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (more on that later).

This Texas castle has become more well known in recent years because it’s not often you find a real-life castle in the middle of Texas! It’s pretty unique.

The castle itself is a beautiful sight to see. 

Imagine tall, stone walls rising up against the backdrop of Texas hills with towers reaching towards the sky. 

The architecture is full of details that make it look like it was taken straight out of a storybook about knights and princesses. 

Inside, the castle is just as magical with many grand rooms that look like they could host royal gatherings.

It also features several balconies with scenic views of 3 counties, 2 lakes and up to 50 miles on a clear day.

You’ll find the beautiful Falkenstein Castle in the town of Burnet in the Texas Hill Country.

The castle itself sits on private land and is mainly used for events like weddings and photo shoots. 

You can still visit though and even stay overnight! We explain exactly how later in the post.

The castle is also surrounded by nature which makes it even more enchanting. 

It offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and landscapes. It really does feel like a fairytale.

The Origins of Falkenstein Castle

Falkenstein Castle has a fascinating origin story that begins with a dream and a visit to a faraway land. 

The castle was actually inspired by the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, a 19th-century palace known for its breathtaking beauty and fairy-tale appearance. 

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the 19th century and it stands as one of the most iconic symbols of romantic architecture in the world. 

It’s this German castle that captured the imagination of a Texan couple, Terry and Kim Young.

The story of Falkenstein Castle’s creation starts with the Youngs’ trip to Europe in 1995. 

During their trip, they were amazed by the beautiful castles they saw, especially Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. 

Neuschwanstein is a famous castle that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale and it certainly left a big impression on them.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Reportley, Neuschwanstein Castle also inspired Walt Disney himself to build Disneyland!

King Ludwig II also designed a second castle, Castle Falkenstein, but it was never built. 

The Youngs were actually able to get access to the original drawings and plans for this unbuilt castle!

Inspired by the beauty and history of European castles, the Youngs decided they wanted to bring a piece of that magic back to Texas. 

They dreamed of building their own castle, one that would remind them of their wonderful trip and share the enchantment of ancient castles with others.

To make this dream a reality, they began planning and designing Falkenstein Castle. 

The construction started in the late 1990s.

The castle was not built to be an exact replica of any specific European castle. 

Instead, it was inspired by the style and feel of medieval castles including elements that the Youngs had fallen in love with during their travels.

The reason behind building Falkenstein Castle was not just to create a home or a building. 

The Youngs wanted to create something unique and beautiful, a place that could capture the imagination and offer a sense of wonder and history. 

They envisioned the castle as a place where people could celebrate special moments, like weddings, and feel like they were part of a fairy tale.

Falkenstein Castle was built with great care and attention to detail, using techniques and materials that would make it look and feel authentic.

European Experience in Texas

jdeeringdavis / Flickr

Falkenstein Castle is a masterpiece of architecture. It was designed to make anyone who sees it feel like they’ve stepped into a fairy tale. 

From the outside, the 14,000 square foot Falkenstein Castle looks like something out of a medieval fantasy. It features tall, sturdy stone walls that give it a majestic look. 

The castle also features towering spires and turrets that reach up to the sky, making it look even more like the castles you read about in stories of knights and dragons. 

One of the most striking features of the castle is its entrance. The main gate is large and welcoming. 

Once inside, the rest of the castle does not disappoint. 

It includes grand halls and rooms, each designed with attention to detail that mimics the interiors of European castles. 

The walls are also covered with over 100 pieces of fine art. Some of these pieces date back thousands of years so it’s like stepping into an art museum.

These spaces are also decorated with beautiful stonework, intricate carvings and other decorative elements that make them feel much older than they are.

Interestingly, the castle is not just a single building. It’s actually a complex that includes various structures. 

There’s the main castle where most of the architectural beauty can be seen but there are also courtyards, gardens and even a chapel, all designed in the same style. 

These outdoor areas add to the castle’s charm. They’re the perfect place to go for a stroll and feel like you stepped into an old fantasy novel.

There’s 113 acres of land surrounding the castle, perfect for hiking. It even includes a 40,000 gallon koi pond with a waterfall!

Falkenstein Castle is much more than just a pretty building. It’s designed to be a functional space as well. 

It can host events, especially weddings, where people can celebrate their special day in a truly enchanting setting.

You can also stay overnight…

Visiting Falkenstein Castle

Visiting Falkenstein Castle is a bit different from your average trip to a historical site or museum. 

Because the castle is a private property, it’s not open for daily public tours like some other places. 

This means you can’t just show up any day you wish to walk around and explore its rooms and gardens. 

However, that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck if you want to see the castle’s beauty up close.

The castle is a popular venue for weddings because of its stunning appearance and romantic atmosphere. 

Couples who dream of a fairy-tale wedding often choose Falkenstein Castle as the place to say their “I do’s.” 

So, if you’re invited to a wedding or a special event at the castle, you’ll have the chance to explore its magnificent architecture and grounds.

As for staying overnight, Falkenstein Castle is listed on Airbnb and you can actually rent out the entire castle for a few days if you wish!

In fact, you could even stay for a whole month if you have the budget!

It’s a pretty incredible and unique experience to say the least. You’ll definitely feel like a King or Queen.

If you’re interested in booking an overnight stay then here is the Airbnb listing for Falkenstein Castle.

I’ll warn you though, it’s certainly not cheap! Prices start at $1,500 per night and there’s a 2 night minimum stay.

The castle is pretty popular and books up well in advance so book early to avoid disappointment.

It’s a great place to stay as the castle can accommodate up to 14 guests and features a pool table, dart board, outdoor basketball court, jacuzzis and even a 1000+ DVD collection.

Things To Do Nearby

Visiting Falkenstein Castle is an adventure on its own but the area around the castle also has lots of fun activities and beautiful places to explore too. 

Here are some cool things you can do near Falkenstein Castle:

Inks Lake State Park

Just a short drive from the castle, this state park is a great spot for anyone who loves the outdoors. 

You can go hiking on scenic trails, have a picnic with your family or even rent a kayak and paddle around the lake. 

The park has beautiful views, especially at sunset, making it a perfect place for anyone that loves nature.

Longhorn Cavern State Park

sarowen / Flickr

Explore underground at this state park which is home to a natural limestone cave formed by an ancient river.

The guided tours will take you through stunning caverns where you can learn about the geology and history of the area. 

It’s like stepping into another world!

Lake Buchanan

This large lake is ideal for fishing, boating and swimming. 

You can rent a boat for the day and explore the lake or try to catch some fish.

There are also places around the lake where you can have a picnic or just relax by the water.

Burnet City Square

cmh2315fl / Flickr

Take a trip into town and stroll around Burnet’s historic City Square. 

You’ll find a range of shops where you can buy unique gifts, antiques and even tasty treats. 

There are also some great restaurants where you can try out some local Texas food. 

Sometimes, there are events or markets in the square which makes it a really fun place to visit.

Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park

For those who love wildlife and hiking, this nature park is a must-visit. 

There are trails that offer breathtaking views of Lake Buchanan and the chance to see eagles, especially during their nesting season. 

It’s a peaceful place to enjoy nature and maybe even spot some local wildlife.

Whether you’re into nature, history or just looking for a peaceful place to relax, the area around Falkenstein Castle in Burnet has something special for everyone.

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