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REVEALED: Top 12 California Locations for Bigfoot Sightings

Have you ever wondered if Bigfoot could be real? 

Imagine walking through the woods and suddenly seeing a huge, hairy creature that looks like it stepped out of a legend. 

In California, many people have reported seeing just that! 

California Bigfoot Sightings Map

In fact, California has the second highest number of Bigfoot sightings in the entire US, following Washington.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most exciting and mysterious Bigfoot encounters in California. 

Get ready to explore the stories, see the evidence, and decide for yourself if Bigfoot might be hiding in the Golden State.

1. Humboldt County

Number of confirmed sightings: 47

Humboldt County has the highest number of Bigfoot sightings in California with many of them occurring in the Redwood National and State Parks. 

In April 2003, a man driving near the Avenue of the Giants saw a massive, seven-foot-tall creature cross the road. 

He described its large back and long arms but didn’t see its face. 

Jon Evans / Flickr

He later found large footprints near the river, confirming his encounter.

Another sighting occurred in May 2001 near the town of Johnson. 

A researcher, during a live broadcast, heard something large moving in the bushes and was later informed by his team that an eight-foot-tall creature was watching him. 

Scrubhiker (USCdyer) / Flickr

The encounter lasted about 30 minutes with the creature moving back and forth through the trees.

In the summer of 1993 or 1994, a horseback rider in Redwood National Park spotted a young Bigfoot drinking from a pool. 

The creature, covered in silver-gray hair, had black human-like fingernails. 

Though it didn’t notice her, the rider’s horse became increasingly agitated.

2. Tuolumne County

Number of confirmed sightings: 38

Tuolumne County has the second highest number of Bigfoot sightings in California, particularly in and around Yosemite National Park. 

In August 1998, a couple driving near Yosemite saw a thin, elderly-looking creature with silvery-black hair standing on a rock. 

The creature moved slowly and methodically, avoiding attention.

In June 1993, a field researcher surveying near Bloomer Lake saw a black, upright creature for a few seconds. 

Later, he found a freshly killed doe with no signs of struggle and a missing leg which added to the mystery.

Another sighting occurred around 2007-2008 near Beardsley Lake. 

A group on their way to camp saw a towering, 9-10 feet tall Bigfoot with long arms and dark hair cross the road. 

Its eyes glowed red in the headlights as it moved into the woods.

3. Siskiyou County

Number of confirmed sightings: 31

In Siskiyou County, there have been several intriguing Bigfoot sightings over the years. 

On June 3, 2009, a man from Oregon had a close encounter with a Bigfoot in the Applegate Region. 

The creature, standing about 6-7 feet tall with reddish-brown fur and large amber eyes, stared at him from behind some brush before he fled the scene in fear.

In August 1982, a member of the Karuk Tribe saw a massive, hairy creature standing behind some buckbrush near Somes Bar. 

lindajm / Flickr

The Bigfoot, estimated to be around 9-10 feet tall, had deep-set eyes and a bony face, and disappeared into the brush after they stared at each other for about 30 seconds.

In July 2000, a man camping in the Marble Mountain Wilderness with his family found a large hut made of snapped pine boughs. 

While videotaping the hut, he saw a tall, thin Bigfoot with long arms on a nearby ridge. 

The creature appeared distressed by their presence and was captured on video for three minutes.

4. Shasta County

Number of confirmed sightings: 29

In Shasta County, there have been several frightening Bigfoot sightings, particularly near Mount Shasta. 

In June 1991, a man and his son camping near French Gulch encountered a massive, dark figure with shaggy hair that chased them down a mountain, leaving them terrified.

In winter 2001, a tour guide at Lake Shasta Caverns also witnessed a large, black figure with swinging arms rapidly descending a ravine. 

This sighting was preceded by weeks of rocks being thrown at the building when she was alone.

In October 1987, two men near McCloud saw a shadowy figure and heard terrifying screams while camping. 

They later found a large log near their truck, which they believed had been thrown by the creature, upset by their presence near a water source.

5. Del Norte County

Number of confirmed sightings: 29

In Del Norte County, there have been several notable Bigfoot sightings over the years. 

In September 2003, a man driving on Highway 101 near Crescent City pulled over and heard a terrifying scream. 

He saw a filthy, gorilla-like creature with matted dark brown hair, standing next to his car before it vanished into the woods.

m01229 / Flickr

The most famous sighting occurred in October 1967, when Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed a Bigfoot at Bluff Creek. 

The creature, estimated to be over 7 feet tall, was captured on 16mm film, providing one of the most compelling pieces of Bigfoot evidence to date.

Check out the footage from the film:

In August 1995, a television crew near Crescent City captured footage of a large, shaggy figure crossing a forest road. 

The creature, estimated to be about 7.5 feet tall, resembled the subject of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film and walked on two legs with swinging arms.

In January 1993, a hiker near Hunter Creek spotted a Bigfoot bent down behind a fallen tree. 

The creature had a dark face with a large brow, brown hair with light spots, and it quickly disappeared after being seen.

6. El Dorado County

Number of confirmed sightings: 26

In El Dorado County, there have been several intriguing Bigfoot sightings. 

In July 2009, a couple driving on Highway 50 saw an 8 to 10-foot tall, hairy creature standing on the side of the road near Silver Fork.

The sighting left them too scared to drive that highway at night again.

In the winter of 2004, a couple fishing at Stumpy Meadows experienced a frightening encounter with multiple Bigfoot-like creatures. 

They heard strange noises, smelled a foul odor and saw several large, dark figures moving and making gurgling sounds before quickly packing up and leaving.

In April 1993, three friends hiking near Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness spotted a large, dark figure walking around the lake. 

Using binoculars, they observed it moving smoothly across the snow, confirming it wasn’t a bear or a human, and felt watched throughout their stay.

7. Trinity County

Number of confirmed sightings: 21

In Trinity County, there have been many fascinating Bigfoot sightings over the years. 

In September 2003, a group of people spotted a large, hairy creature about 7 feet tall near Del Loma. 

The Bigfoot stood and observed them before running into the woods, pushing aside large trees as it moved.

In June 1995, campers near Weaverville heard strange, low voices and saw large shadows moving through the trees. 

They experienced what they described as a “protest dance” from the Bigfoot, complete with stomping and chanting that shook the ground and terrified them into leaving the area.

In March 1996, a couple camping near the Lewiston Dam returned to find their tent disturbed. 

Later that night, they saw an 8-foot tall creature illuminated by their car headlights. 

They found clear footprints the next day, suggesting the Bigfoot had investigated their campsite while they were away.

8. Los Angeles County

Number of confirmed sightings: 20

In Los Angeles County, there have been several intriguing Bigfoot sightings. 

In 1993, two friends driving on Highway 138 near Gorman saw a tall, thin creature with long, stringy hair running through the desert. 

The sighting was brief but left them both spooked and convinced they had seen something unusual.

In 1980, two friends camping near Green Valley encountered a Bigfoot twice. 

The first night, they heard heavy footsteps and breaking branches around their tent, and the second night, they saw an 8-9 foot tall creature standing on a dirt road. 

The Bigfoot appeared indifferent to their presence and walked away casually into the forest.

In 1974, a ten-year-old boy and his cousin in Quartz Hill had a face-to-face encounter with a Bigfoot in their neighbor’s backyard. 

The creature was over nine feet tall with light brown to dark blond hair and glowing amber eyes. 

The encounter left them terrified and made a lasting impact on their lives.

9. Tulare County

Number of confirmed sightings: 19

In Tulare County, there have been several fascinating Bigfoot sightings, particularly in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

In August 2007, a solo backpacker spotted two Bigfoot near Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

He watched them for 10 minutes before they disappeared into a canyon after he made a coyote call.

In May 2000, a counselor and his secretary at the Tule River Indian Reservation saw a large, hairy creature standing on a mountain ledge. 

The creature had reddish-brown hair and a face that looked somewhat ape-like, with the secretary explaining that Bigfoot is considered sacred by her tribe.

In October 1988, two brothers on a backpacking trip in the High Sierra Trail near Bearpaw Meadow heard an unearthly scream that they couldn’t identify. 

Later, they read about a similar sighting by forest workers nearby, adding credibility to their experience.

10. Fresno County

Number of confirmed sightings: 19

In Fresno County, there have been many intriguing Bigfoot sightings over the years.

In August 2014, a couple driving near Grant Grove saw a large, dark, hairy figure cross Highway 180 at night, walking upright and disappearing down an embankment.

In October 2001, a man near Sample Meadow above Huntington Lake also encountered a large, black-haired creature. 

It startled some nearby deer and then stared at the man from about 30 yards away before fleeing through the dense pine forest.

In June 1991, three friends night fishing on the San Joaquin River witnessed a dark figure standing waist-high in the water. 

It threw boulders at them without making any sound, prompting the terrified group to flee. 

They later estimated the creature’s height to be around 8.5 to 9 feet after comparing the water depth.

11. Mono County

Number of confirmed sightings: 16

In Mono County, there have been some fascinating Bigfoot sightings. 

In June 2006, a witness in Laurel Canyon saw a large, muscular, black-haired creature crossing the road.

It had long arms and a peculiar gait, estimated to be about 7-8 feet tall and weighing 400-500 pounds.

In August 2005, a family hiking near Leavitt Meadows saw a fast-moving, black figure gliding smoothly across the meadow. 

They initially thought it was a backpacker but its speed and fluid movement suggested otherwise. 

When they shouted, the figure turned, revealing a head directly on its shoulders with no visible neck and then continued moving.

In July 1977, two brothers gathering firewood near Virginia Lakes heard heavy footsteps and saw bushes shaking. 

One brother saw a large, dark-brown head moving through the bushes. 

Frightened, they fled in their truck, which crashed into a tree on the way back to camp.

12. Mendocino County

Number of confirmed sightings: 14

In Mendocino County, some intriguing Bigfoot sightings have captured the attention of locals and researchers. 

In July 2008, a driver on Highway 101 near Willits saw a large, black, wooly creature cross three lanes and climb a steep hillside. 

The creature was about 7 feet tall with a face like untanned leather.

In December 2007, a member of a paranormal investigation group in Covelo had a close encounter while sitting in a car. 

She saw a golden-tan figure approach the car and heard it pat the door before it quickly ran away.

In the summer of 1987, a woman camping on her property near Laytonville woke up to hear heavy footsteps and saw an 8-foot-tall figure shaking bushes and yelling at her.

She said that it yelled in a way that felt like it was claiming its territory.


All sightings and data reported in this article were taken from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the only scientific research organization exploring Bigfoot.

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