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This Abandoned Texas Hospital Was Recently Named The Most Haunted Place On Earth

Imagine walking through a dark, narrow hallway where dark figures lurk in the shadows and where an invisible hand might grab you.

This abandoned Texas hospital, recently crowned the most haunted place on Earth, is not for the faint of heart. 

With nearly 2,000 deaths recorded within its eerie walls, it’s no wonder that tales of ghostly figures and unexplained phenomena surround it. 

Are you brave enough to explore the chilling history and spine-tingling experiences that await in this abandoned hospital? 

Join me as we uncover the mysteries and hauntings that have earned this place its terrifying reputation.

Where Is It?

Nicolas Henderson / Flickr

This spooky place is none other than the Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas. 

Situated in DeWitt County, Yorktown is a small town located about 75 miles southeast of San Antonio. 

This picturesque town, with its charming old buildings and quiet streets, hides a dark secret just off Main Street. 

The infamous hospital stands as a stark reminder of its eerie past, drawing ghost hunters from all over the country. 

If you’re planning a visit, you’ll find Yorktown conveniently located between San Antonio and the Gulf of Mexico.


Yorktown Memorial Hospital has a history as dark and intriguing as the ghost stories that surround it. 

Built in 1950 by the Felician Sisters, a group of Roman Catholic nuns, the hospital was initially a beacon of hope for the small community of Yorktown. 

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It opened its doors in 1951, providing much-needed medical care to the area. 

The hospital was named to honor those from Yorktown who lost their lives in World War II.

The hospital’s 30,000-square-foot structure included administration offices, two two-story wings with hospital rooms, a chapel and a basement. 

Despite its noble beginnings, the hospital quickly gained a grim reputation. 

Over its years of operation, it saw an alarming number of deaths—over 2,000 people passed away within its walls, leading to rumors of fatal neglect, malpractice and even murder.

In 1986, the hospital closed its doors when a new medical facility opened nearby in Cuero, Texas. 

However, it briefly reopened as a rehabilitation center, which closed in the 1990s, adding to its already dark history. 

The hospital was eventually abandoned but it left behind a legacy of tragedy and fear.

Today, Yorktown Memorial Hospital still stands as a haunting reminder of its past. 

The building, now privately owned, has become a hotspot for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. 

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Reports of shadowy figures, unexplained noises and even being grabbed by an invisible hand are common, making it one of the most haunted locations in the United States.

This hospital was even featured on the TV show ‘Ghost Adventures’.

Haunted Stories

Yorktown Memorial Hospital is infamous for its ghostly residents and eerie happenings. 

Many believe the hospital is haunted due to the high number of deaths that occurred within its walls—over 2,000 people died there. 

The spirits of patients, nuns and even a notorious doctor are said to roam the abandoned halls, making it a hotspot for paranormal activity.

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Visitors and paranormal investigators have reported numerous spine-chilling experiences at the hospital:

Shadow Figures

Imagine walking through a dark hallway and suddenly seeing shadowy figures with glowing red eyes staring back at you. 

These figures appear out of nowhere, startling anyone who dares to explore the hospital.

Apparitions of Nuns

The spirits of the nuns who once ran the hospital are often seen roaming the halls. 

These eerie nuns are known to be strict, especially towards visitors who wear inappropriate clothing or have visible tattoos. 

Many have reported being scratched, pushed or even forced out of the building by these ghostly figures.

The Incompetent Doctor

One of the most notorious spirits is Dr. Leon Norwierski, a doctor remembered for his fatal mistakes who continued to practice into his 90s. 

His ghost, along with those of his patients, is said to haunt the hospital. 

One particularly chilling story tells of him accidentally cutting a patient’s throat during surgery, a mistake that cost the patient their life.

Little Girl Named Stacy

Not all spirits are terrifying. 

Stacy, the friendly ghost of a little girl, is known to interact with visitors, especially when they read her favorite book “The Poky Little Puppy.” 

Investigators have reported hearing her giggle and seeing toys move on their own.

Paranormal Evidence

Paranormal investigators have gathered some compelling evidence over the years that supports Yorktown Memorial Hospital’s haunted reputation:

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)

Investigators have recorded clear EVPs with spirits saying phrases like “You wanna play?” and “The killer is coming, get to the hallway.”

Unexplained Noises

Footsteps, whispers and even screams have been heard echoing through the empty halls. 

An audio recorder left in the chapel once captured what sounded like a choir singing, despite the room being empty.

Physical Interactions

Some visitors have reported feeling touched or grabbed by unseen hands. 

During a Halloween tour, a photojournalist felt something grab him, while another visitor reported being touched by spirits who seemed upset or sad.

Yorktown Memorial Hospital’s dark history and numerous ghost stories make it a truly terrifying place. 

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the tales of hauntings and paranormal activity are sure to send shivers down your spine. 

Are you brave enough to visit?

How To Visit

Nicolas Henderson / Flickr

If you’re feeling brave and want to experience the haunted Yorktown Memorial Hospital for yourself, here’s how you can plan your visit.


The hospital is located at 728 W Main St, Yorktown, TX 78164.

Tours and Fees

You can join a guided paranormal tour to explore the eerie halls of the hospital. 

Choose from a day time tour or an extra spooky overnight investigation.

The cost of a tour is approximately $35 per person.

You can book via contacting them directly. Here’s their Facebook page with the contact information.

Nicolas Henderson / Flickr

Opening Times

The hospital is open for tours on the following days:

– Monday to Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

– Sunday: Closed

They do also offer some overnight tours but you’ll need to contact them directly for exact timings.

Specific times can differ based on events and special investigations scheduled at the hospital though so it’s best to call ahead to ensure they’re open.

Booking and Contact

To ensure you get a spot on a tour, it’s a good idea to reach out directly to the hospital. 

You can visit their Facebook page or call them for more information and to make reservations.

Important Tips

– Respect the Property: The hospital is on private property so trespassing is strictly prohibited. Always join an official tour.

– Dress Appropriately: Since the spirits of nuns are said to be strict about clothing, it’s best to dress modestly unless you don’t mind being grabbed by a ghostly nun.

– Bring a Friend: Given the hospital’s haunted reputation, it’s wise not to go alone.

Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling adventure as you step into one of the most haunted places on Earth!

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