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20+ Reasons You Should NEVER Visit California ❌

Some places are just unbearable, aren’t they?

And nobody wants to go somewhere and realize it’s just not right for them.

Everyone has their reasons and today we’ve got more than 20 reasons why you SHOULDN’T visit California.

You REALLY need to read this before you visit.

For those with families, number 20 is just for you.

1. Overwhelming Sunshine

Avoid California at all costs if you can’t handle sunshine for most of the year.

sunny palm trees

The constant blue skies and perfect beach weather will just ruin your appreciation for the more ‘diverse’ climates, like blizzards and hurricanes.

California actually gets more annual sunshine than the ‘sunshine state’ itself, Florida.

2. Insufferable Variety of Food

California’s food scene is simply too much. 


With access to some of the freshest, most diverse cuisine in the world, from authentic Mexican and farm-to-table delights to groundbreaking fusion and everything in between.

You’ll be so spoiled for choice, that you might actually have to learn what ‘umami’ means.

Seriously what does umami mean?!

3. Intolerable Nature

From the redwoods to the deserts and everything in between, the abundance of California’s natural beauty is downright oppressive. 

lake tahoe

If you prefer your landscapes dull and unvaried, California’s stunning variety will only disappoint.

4. Excessive Entertainment

Hollywood, live music, theme parks, world-class museums… 

getty villa

It’s all just too much. 

If you’re the type who enjoys a nice, quiet evening of staring at the wall, California’s endless entertainment options will only disrupt your peace.

5. Unbearable Lifestyle

With its laid-back attitude, emphasis on health and fitness, and an annoyingly active outdoor lifestyle, California will force you to reconsider your commitment to living a sedentary, indoor life. 

mount tamalpais hike california

Before you know it, you might find yourself enjoying hikes, surfing, or—worst of all—yoga.

The horror.

6. Agonizing Wine Country

The vineyards of Napa, Temecula and Sonoma are so plentiful and produce such high-quality wine, you’ll likely suffer from ‘decision fatigue’ trying to choose which ones to visit. 

napa valley vineyard

The scenic beauty and delicious pairings at every turn are just added torture.

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7. Dreadful Tech Innovations

Silicon Valley’s constant innovation and tech culture are utterly exhausting. 

If you prefer a life untouched by the latest gadgets, apps, and internet advancements, California’s tech-forward mentality will be your nightmare.

8. Horrific Surf and Ski in the Same Day Possibility

The idea that you could potentially surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon is simply too much to bear. 

surfing snowboarding

The logistical efficiency and joy derived from such activities are reasons enough to stay far away.

9. Intolerable Cultural Diversity

California’s melting pot of cultures is simply too much to handle for some people. 

The myriad of festivals, languages, traditions, and neighborhoods from around the globe might end up making you the most cultured person at the dinner party.

10. Exasperating Scenic Drives

The Pacific Coast Highway with its breathtaking coastal views, the majestic drive through the redwoods, and the scenic routes through wine country are utterly exasperating. 

bixby bridge

If you prefer your drives filled with endless billboards and traffic jams, California’s scenic beauty will be a major letdown.

11. Oppressive Art Scenes

From Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond, California’s art scenes are aggressively inspiring. 

The abundance of galleries, street art, live performances, and art festivals might actually make you appreciate creativity.

This can be a real burden if you’re already too busy trying to take in all the nature that the state has to offer.

12. Overbearing Abundance of Coastline

California’s excessive stretch of coastline is simply unreasonable.

With over 800 miles of shoreline, the endless beaches present an insurmountable dilemma for anyone trying to decide where to relax, surf, or just enjoy a sunset.

carmel by the sea duo

This overbearing abundance means you could spend years trying to visit each beach, only to find that each one has its own unique charm and appeal.

The situation is further complicated by the picturesque cliffs and hidden coves along the Pacific Ocean, which are distractingly beautiful.

If you’re looking for a straightforward, unremarkable coast that can be fully appreciated in a single afternoon, California’s vast and varied coastline will only overwhelm and frustrate you.

13. Excruciating Choice Between Deserts, Mountains, and Beaches

Having to choose between visiting stunning deserts, majestic mountains, or beautiful beaches on any given weekend is a decision no one should have to make. 

beach mountain desert california

The sheer variety of landscapes will exhaust you with possibilities.

14. History and Heritage Sites

The state is full of rich history, from the Gold Rush to Hollywood, and the Donner Party to Silicon Valley.

gold rush california

It’s all presented in such an engaging way through museums, historical parks, and tours that you might inadvertently learn something interesting.

Don’t our brains already have enough information? Jeez.

15. Unbearable Outdoor Adventure Options

Whether it’s mountain biking, surfing, skiing, hiking, or rock climbing, the endless outdoor adventure possibilities in California are just too overwhelming. 

mt whitney

If you prefer your adventures to come from watching TV on your couch, stay away.

16. Aggravating Weather Year-Round

Places like San Diego with their near-perfect weather year-round will make it impossible for you to complain about the weather.

It’s robbing you of one of life’s consistent small-talk topics.

How will you ever talk to people properly again?

17. Torturous Coastal Towns

California has too many charming coastal towns like Carmel-by-the-Sea, Laguna Beach, and Mendocino.

capitola california

With their quaint shops, stunning beaches, and friendly locals, these towns are so idyllic, they’ll make you resent your own hometown.

18. Dreadful Availability of Fresh Produce


The abundance of fresh, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables available year-round will spoil you to the point where processed foods might lose their appeal, forcing you to adopt healthier eating habits.

You might have to finally learn the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats.

19. Horrendous Craft Beer and Cocktail Scene

With an endless supply of craft breweries and innovative cocktail bars, your palette will be so refined, you might never enjoy a simple beer or generic mixed drink again.

craft beer

20. KIDS!

You won’t be able to distract your kids with an iPad or a smartphone here.

They’ll be too busy running around natural wonders like Yosemite or Lake Tahoe and begging you to create lifelong memories with them.

kid in yosemite

And don’t forget Disneyland, Legoland and Universal Studios.

They’ll be having too much fun to worry about what their favorite YouTuber is up to.

21. Appalling High Life Expectancy

So this one is more if you live in California, but…

The shockingly high life expectancy in California is nothing short of a curse. 

With one of the highest life expectancies across all US states, you’re practically forced to endure additional years of enjoying beautiful landscapes, innovative cuisine, and vibrant culture. 

old people

This extended lifespan could lead to an excess of happiness and fulfillment, burdening you with the daunting task of finding ways to fill your plentiful days with meaningful activities. 

If you’re aiming for a shorter, less eventful life, California’s health-conscious lifestyle and endless opportunities for joy might just be your worst nightmare.

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