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This Event Makes April 2024 A Perfect (& Cheaper) Time to Visit The USA

You don’t want to miss out on this. ❌

National Parks are one of the best things about the United States and they deserve to be celebrated.

National Park Week 2024 is an annual celebration dedicated to highlighting the beauty and importance of national parks across the United States.

And there are also some freebies you’ll want to hear about too. 

It offers a chance for people to engage with these treasured landscapes through various events and activities.

Here’s everything you need to know about National Park Week 2024.


National Park Week will be observed from Saturday, April 20, through Sunday, April 28, 2024. 

national park week graphic

This period coincides with Earth Day (April 22), emphasizing the connection between the celebration of national parks and environmental stewardship​.

Free Entrance Day!

Saturday, April 20, 2024, marks a special day within National Park Week as entrance fees are waived for all visitors across national parks!

This includes all 400 National Park Service sites. 

So that’s not just National Parks that have ‘National Park’ in the name, but all National Park Service sites. 

yosemite national park and big bend national park (1)
Yosemite National Park, CA & Big Bend National Park, TX

Here’s where you can browse through a list of all National Park Service sites:

It’s a perfect opportunity to explore the parks without worrying about the entrance fee. 

However, it’s important to note that this may also mean larger crowds, so plan accordingly and have some patience. 

This is especially true for the more popular national parks, so it’s probably a good idea to go to some less popular national parks on the free entrance day.

But the free entrance day isn’t all that’s on offer.

Events and Activities

National Park Week includes a variety of special events designed to celebrate and reflect on the significance of national parks and how they can be protected. 

Although specific events for 2024 can depend on the National Park in question, past celebrations have included things like themed days, educational programs, and opportunities for volunteering.

It’s a great time to showcase the diverse ways the American people can connect with and contribute to the preservation of these national treasures.

Themed days

During the week each day has a particular theme that shines a light on a specific part of the National Park Service.

Here’s what they are:

Saturday, April 20: Discovery

The day for you to discover a new experience in a national park.

On this day, all national parks in the US have entrance fees waived! 

Sunday, April 21: Volunteers

Learn more about volunteering in the National Park system and perhaps enroll in a volunteering opportunity yourself. 

There are plenty of volunteer events going on, but it’s best to check with the national park site that you might plan on visiting. 

Monday, April 22: Earth Day

A globally celebrated day that encourages the protection of the planet’s natural resources.

Even if you’re not visiting a National Park site you can learn about conservation efforts from home.

Tuesday, April 23: Innovation

Learn about the innovative projects happening in the national parks system.

Wednesday, April 24: Workforce Wednesday

This day highlights the hard work done by employees, interns, fellows, volunteers, contractors, partners and more.

Maybe you’ll end up wanting to join the team

Thursday, April 25: Youth Engagement

The next generation are going to be the people that continue the tradition of protecting the national parks.

So this day focuses on opportunities for Youth and Young adults.

Friday, April 26: Community Connections

Learn about the work that the National Park System does within local communities.

Saturday, April 27: Junior Ranger Day

A day for kids to become inspired about the national park system and even potentially become junior rangers!

Sunday, April 28: Arts in Parks

The National Park System isn’t just about natural wonders.

Art has played a big part in showcasing the natural beauty found within the national parks of America.

Learn about the arts in local communities and how it’s being preserved. 

Celebration From Home

Even if you don’t make your way to a National Park site you can still take part in National Park Week from home.

Throughout the week there are ways to get involved online.

To find out more you’ll want to keep updated with the latest information which you can read about below.

How to Participate – Useful links 

Keep an eye on the official National Park Service website and social media channels for updates on events and activities. 

You might find the following links helpful.

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