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48 Napa Valley Captions For Instagram – Puns, Quotes & Short Captions

If you’re visiting Napa Valley then you’re bound to have hundreds of stunning photos that you’ll want to post to Instagram.

Nothing goes better with a beautiful photo than a cute caption.

To save you the trouble of thinking up a caption yourself, I’ve put together this list of the best Napa Instagram captions.

Just copy and paste the Napa caption straight into Instagram.

Best Napa Valley Instagram Captions

Cute Napa Valley Captions For Instagram

  1. Today’s forecast: 99% chance of wine
  1. Napa Valley officially has my heart
  1. From now on sweet dreams are made of wine tasting in Napa
  1. It’s a beautiful day for a glass of chardonnay
  1. I found paradise in Napa Valley
  1. Join me on a hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley
  1. I think I’ve sprained my liver
  1. Relationship status: In love with sunsets and this valley
  1. Never met a vineyard I didn’t like
  1. I need a glass of wine…or a bottle…or a vineyard in Napa
  1. Once upon a time in Napa
  1. I still don’t know what a wine stopper is for
  1. Want some cheese with that wine?!
  1. I have a feeling my ‘check liver’ light might be coming on soon
  1. Wine is the answer, who cares what the question is!

Funny Napa Captions & Napa Puns

  1. Wine not?
  1. After drinking so much wine, I need a Napa!
  1. Having a grape time!
  1. Wine flies when you’re having fun
  1. Sip happens
  1. I’m on cloud wine
  1. You had me at Merlot
  1. You can’t sip with us
  1. I left him on red
  1. About to make some pour decisions
  1. You’re the wine that I want
  1. Sip me baby one more time
  1. Let’s get fizz-ical
  1. Wow, I’ll definitely be needing a Napa after this!
  1. Isn’t life grape?
  1. Wow, Napa Valley has balloon me away!

Short Napa Valley Captions

  1. Meet me at the vineyard
  1. A little place called Napa
  1. You’ll find me in Napa
  1. Napa let’s do it
  1. P.S. I love Napa
  1. Sometimes I dream of Napa
  1. I wonder if Napa misses me too
  1. I really, really like Napa

Napa Quotes For Instagram Captions

  1. “Where there is no wine there is no love.” – Euripides
  1. “Just live in the moment and drink in the love like a fine wine that leaves the memories of a million grapes ripening in the sun on the hillside of Napa Valley in the spring.” – Jes Fuhrmann
  1. “Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
  1. “Wine & cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures.” – M.F.K Fisher
  1. “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” – Galileo Galilei
  1. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.” – Confucius
  1. “When you walk in you get that very Napa Valley feel.” – Cheryl Richburg 
  1. “Wine is one of the agreeable and essential ingredients of life.” – Julia Child
  1. “People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full, miss the point. The glass is refillable.” – Simon Sinek

Hopefully this list gave you plenty of ideas for cute Napa Valley Instagram captions. 

There’s a caption here for any photo, from puns to beautiful quotes. 

Feel free to copy and paste these Instagram captions for your Napa photos.

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