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Is There Uber In St Lucia In 2024? All You Need To Know

I’m a huge fan of Uber, it makes getting around so easy.

I don’t wanna go back to those days of awkwardly waving down a taxi and having to haggle with the driver after they tried to charge you 5x the normal rate. No thanks.

After visiting St Lucia for myself I thought I’d put together this guide on getting around St Lucia to let other’s know what they should expect.

I cover the Uber situation in St Lucia, other similar ridesharing apps available and how to book the cheapest (& best) airport transfer.

Does St Lucia Have Uber?

Uber isn’t currently available in St Lucia but there are other ridesharing apps present on the island that use the same kind of model.

Allez and PayCab are both ridesharing apps that follow the same model as Uber. You simply download an app and it will use your GPS to match you with a nearby driver.

Just like Uber, once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive the name of your driver, a description of the vehicle and the vehicle registration number.

It’s also completely cashless so the app connects with your bank card meaning you don’t have to worry about having cash on you.

Using these types of apps is definitely the easiest way to travel around St Lucia and is much better than traditional taxis.

Here’s a few reasons why rideshare apps are better than traditional taxis:

  • You don’t have to worry about being scammed or overcharged.
  • Taxis in St Lucia don’t have meters so you’ll need to negotiate the price to ensure you don’t get ripped off.
  • You don’t need to spend ages searching for an available taxi.
  • Rideshare apps tend to be cheaper than traditional taxis.
  • All taxis in St Lucia require you to pay in cash – they don’t accept credit cards. Rideshare apps are completely cashless. 

Rideshare apps like PayCab and Allez are relatively new to the island but are becoming increasingly popular with both tourists and locals.

As the apps are still in the early stages, this does mean that from time to time, they may not have drivers available instantly especially if you visit during the peak tourist season.

I mainly used Allez whilst on the island and really enjoyed using it. There was a few instances where they didn’t have drivers available and I had to use a regular taxi though.

I still prefer them to traditional taxis though and it’s always worth checking the apps before agreeing to a taxi (as prices tend to be lower on the apps).

Here’s what I do:

  • Check both Allez and PayCab to see if they have drivers available nearby.
  • If they do then great! I book my car ride with them.
  • If they don’t then I head over to a taxi stand or hail down a passing taxi and try to agree on a reasonable price.

Allez in St Lucia

Allez app.
Allez app.

Allez is available on both iOS and Android. It’s my personal favorite ridesharing app in St Lucia.

Allez is a great choice as they have a range of different transport options to suit different types of travelers.

You can choose to travel by car, motorcycle, bus or boat depending on your needs and budget.

It’s super affordable and convenient. They also offer premium features like Allez Deluxe and Allez Plus which offer extra space, just like Uber.

They also have lots of built in safety features to put you at ease and always give you an estimate of the cost prior to booking.

Allez is a St Lucian owned app that was founded by two St Lucian women so it’s great to know that you’re supporting the local community when using this app.

PayCab in St Lucia

PayCab App.
PayCab App.

PayCab is available on both iOS and Android.

PayCab also follows Uber’s model making it super easy and convenient to book a taxi.

They only offer car rides (no motorcycles or boats) and offer great pricing and an easy to use app.

St Lucia Airport Transfers

If you’re looking for transport from the airport then I’d recommend that you pre-book your transfer in advance like I did.

One of the things I hate most about traveling is arriving at the airport and trying to find a taxi to take me to my hotel.

I’m regularly quoted ridiculous rates and after a long flight, haggling isn’t fun.

Pre-booking your transfer completely takes the stress out of the day as you know your transport is sorted for you in advance.

You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off by a taxi or if there will be any drivers available on the rideshare apps.

This private airport transfer offers competitive prices and a fantastic service. They’ll be sat there waiting for you as you leave the airport so no long queues and no stress.

I used them on my recent trip and can’t say enough great things about it!

You’ll get a comfortable, air-conditioned car with WiFi and they’ll even give you a beer or a glass of wine to sip on during the journey.

If you don’t mind sharing with a few other people then you can book this shared airport transfer instead for a much cheaper price.

And that’s it!

Even though Uber doesn’t currently operate in St Lucia, there are plenty of other similar ways to get around the island.

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