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Does Bora Bora Have A Golf Course?

If you’re an avid golfer and visiting Bora Bora soon then you might be wondering if Bora Bora has a golf course.

I was wondering the exact same thing which is why I’ve put together this handy guide that covers everything you need to know about golf in Bora Bora.

My boyfriend and I love to hit the golf course whenever we can so I ended up spending a while researching this topic whilst planning our Bora Bora vacation.

Does Bora Bora Have a Golf Course?

Unfortunately Bora Bora doesn’t have a golf course at the moment but there are other islands nearby which do have a golf course. 

Bora Bora is a very small island. In fact, it only covers 30km2 so currently, with all the resorts and restaurants, there isn’t much room for a golf course.

Don’t worry though, if golfing is super important to you then you can easily incorporate it into your trip.

There are a few golf courses on neighbouring islands so you can add one of these into your itinerary.

Golf Courses Near Bora Bora

Whilst there isn’t a golf course on Bora Bora itself, there are 2 fantastic golf courses in French Polynesia.

Note: Bora Bora is an island within French Polynesia. French Polynesia is a country made up of over 100 islands.

In French Polynesia, there is a golf course in Tahiti and also a golf course in Moorea.

You can see the locations of these golf courses in relation to Bora Bora in the map below:

Map showing location of Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea.
Map showing location of Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea.

If golfing is a deal-breaker for this trip then you can split your vacation between Bora Bora and either Tahiti or Moorea.

In fact, all international flights French Polynesia land in Tahiti anyway so you’ll already be arriving onto the island before heading off to Bora Bora.

Simply extend your stay in Tahiti for a day so you can hit the golf course!

Alternatively, you could split your time between Bora Bora and Moorea e.g. by spending 5 nights in Bora Bora and 5 nights in Moorea.

Check out my post on how to get from Moorea to Bora Bora for transport advice.

Golf Course in Tahiti

The Golf Club d’Atimaono in Tahiti is an 18-hole golf course, located 41km from Tahiti’s capital Papeete.

Here’s what you can expect from Golf Club d’Atimaono:

  • The course is accessible to both beginners and experienced golfers.
  • It has high quality fairways and greens which are internationally renowned.
  • Set in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.
  • Approved by the French Golf Federation.
  • The course is around 6,000 meters long with a stroke par of 72. 
  • Opened in 1971 on a former cotton and sugar cane plantation.
  • Home to the Tahiti International Open.
  • Surrounded by trees, woodland and open countryside.

As well as the 18-hole golf course, there is also a compact 9-hole course onsite with a par of 32.

Please note that this golf course is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Golf International Olivier Bréaud’.

How to Get to Tahiti from Bora Bora:

I actually wrote a whole guide on how to get between Tahiti and Bora Bora but here’s a quick overview:

The easiest way to get between Bora Bora and Tahiti is by flying. Air Tahiti is the local inter-island airline and the flight is 50-minutes.

In fact, if you’re visiting Bora Bora then you will have to stop in Papeete (the main city in Tahiti) on your way there as there are no direct flights to Bora Bora.

💡Tip: Why not book a couple of nights in Tahiti at the start (or end) of your Bora Bora vacation to use the golf course.

From Papeete, you will need to get a taxi to the golf course which lies 50-minutes south.

I wouldn’t recommend spending more than a few days in Tahiti as there is little to do there (other than the golf course).

Golf Course in Moorea

The Golf de Moorea Green Pearl in Moorea is an 18-hole golf course located in the village of Temae.

Here’s what you can expect from the Golf de Moorea Green Pearl:

  • Designed by legendary American golfer Jack Nicklaus.
  • The course is accessible to golfers of all levels.
  • Has a stroke par of 70.
  • Opened in 2007.
  • The grounds cover 165 hectares with 650 meters along the shore of the lagoon.
  • Breathtaking views of the ocean.

How to Get to Moorea from Bora Bora:

Many people visiting Bora Bora actually choose to split their trip between Bora Bora and Moorea, a nearby island.

To get to Moorea from Bora Bora, you will need to fly. Air Tahiti is the only airline which flies between the two.

Moorea is actually very similar to Bora Bora. You’ll find the same luxury resorts with incredible overwater bungalows here (and it’s slightly cheaper too!).

I actually spent a few days in Moorea after visiting Bora Bora and really enjoyed it.

Why not split a 10-day trip to French Polynesia with 5 days in Bora Bora then 5 days in Moorea?

Does St Regis Bora Bora Have Golf?

There are no golf resorts in Bora Bora and the St Regis Bora Bora resort doesn’t have a golf course.

Some St Regis properties around the world do, which is why many people think that the Bora Bora property might.

However, unfortunately, at this time they don’t have a golf course.

What Else is There to Do in Bora Bora?

Although there are no golf courses in Bora Bora, there’s still plenty of other activities to keep you busy.

Here’s some of my favorites which I think you’ll love:

Swimming with Sharks

Sharks in Bora Bora

Ok, so this one might sound a bit scary but it’s actually super fun (I promise!).

Bora Bora is actually pretty famous for being one of the only places in the world where you can easily swim with sharks out in the wild.

Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous at all as the sharks are friendly and used to humans. 

You’ll find small reef sharks and lemon sharks in the waters around Bora Bora who aren’t interested in human flesh at all.

I actually did this myself and loved it!! It was such an incredible feeling to be so close to literal sharks and getting to watch them glide through the ocean.

I’d always recommend booking onto a swim with sharks tour just to be on the safe side. Plus the knowledgeable guides will know where to find sharks without fail!

I actually have a whole post all about swimming with sharks in Bora Bora for more information. 

Go Snorkeling

Bora Bora is also one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving as they have tons of healthy coral reefs.

This attracts a range of tropical rainbow-colored fish, rays and reef sharks. You could literally spend the entire day underwater and never get bored.

I ended up going snorkeling almost every single day and it was fantastic. Each time I always managed to find something new whether it be a seahorse or a moray eel.

At some resorts, like Conrad Bora Bora Nui, they have coral growing around the overwater bungalows so you’ll actually be able to jump straight into the water with the fish!

You can also book onto a snorkeling tour too if you’d prefer to be with a guide who can take you to the best spots and point out all the cool fish.

For the best spots and locations for snorkeling, check out my ultimate snorkeling in Bora Bora guide (insanely helpful and literally covers everything you should know).

Hike Mount Otemanu

If you’ve had enough of water activities (if that’s even possible) then you can head over to the main island and hike up Bora Bora’s iconic extinct volcano.

Mount Otemanu is literally the symbol of Bora Bora. You can see it from all over the island, standing tall in the center, covered in green leaves.

Standing at 727 meters tall, it’s pretty impressive but did you know that you can hike it? Well, you can!

You can’t get right to the peak as it’s just not possible but you can hike up to the ‘shoulder’ areas of the volcano.

The hike takes around 6 hours overall and is suited to moderately fit people. It’s also recommended that you go with a guide.

This hike was really the highlight of the trip for me and, although it was tough, it was so worth it for the epic views of the island from above.

I wrote a whole guide on the Mount Otemanu hike for more information and tips.

And that’s it!

Whilst Bora Bora doesn’t have any golf courses yet, there are still plenty of other things to keep you occupied.

If golfing is super important and a deal-breaker then you can easily factor this into the trip by splitting your stay between Bora Bora and either Tahiti or Moorea.

Need more help planning your Bora Bora trip?


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