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California Is A Winter Wonderland, Here’s 17 Photos PROVING It 🤯

California isn’t just about catching some sun on the beach.

It can be a mystical winter wonderlad if you know where to look.

Join us as we look at some stunning snowy photos of California across the state.

Have you been to any of these places?

I never realized California could be so beautiful in the snow so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but my favorite is number 9.

1. Truckee

Truckee, California, transforms into a winter wonderland, where the pristine snow blankets the town and nearby areas.

2. Grinnell Lake, Sierra Nevadas, CA

Grinnell Lake, Sierra Nevadas, CA

In the Sierra Nevadas, Grinnell Lake becomes a breathtaking spectacle during winter nestled in the mounutains.

3. Mammoth Lakes Area

During winter, the Mammoth Lakes area in California transforms into a snowy paradise, attracting skiers and snowboarders to its world-class slopes amidst stunning alpine scenery.

4. Pine Creek Canyon Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains


Pine Creek Canyon in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains is a winter marvel, where rugged cliffs and frozen waterfalls are set against a serene backdrop of snow-laden forests and peaks.

5. Hot Creek (Mono County) in winter

hot creek winter snow california

In winter, Hot Creek in Mono County becomes a mesmerizing contrast of steaming, geothermal waters flowing through a frosty, snow-draped landscape, creating a unique and striking natural spectacle.

6. Big Bear Lake

big bear lake winter snow

In the Big Bear Lake area, the landscape in winter is a picturesque blend of snow-covered forests and cozy cabins, offering an idyllic setting for winter sports and tranquil retreats.

7. Truckee River

truckee river winter snow

During winter, the Truckee River meanders through a tranquil, snow-blanketed landscape, offering a peaceful and picturesque setting unique to the colder months.

8. Yosemite

yosemite in winter

In winter, Half Dome in Yosemite National Park stands strikingly against the snowy landscape, its famous granite face accentuated by the contrast of the surrounding white terrain.

9. Yosemite, above the valley floor

Winter snow in Yosemite National Park, CA

Above the valley floor in Yosemite, the higher elevations reveal a stunning panorama of snow-covered forests, offering a peaceful and expansive view of the park’s winter beauty.

10. Yosemite, snowy bridge

snowy bridge in yosemite national park in winter

In winter, bridges in Yosemite are adorned with snow, creating picturesque scenes where the structures elegantly span frozen rivers against a backdrop of snow-laden trees and cliffs.

11. Mountains in the Lake Tahoe area

lake tahoe area winter snowy mountains

The mountains in the Lake Tahoe area present a majestic landscape, with their peaks dusted in snow, offering breathtaking views and a haven for winter sports enthusiasts.

12. Heavenly Mountain, Ski Resort at South Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Valley, Ski Resort at South Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Mountain, a renowned ski resort at South Lake Tahoe, becomes a bustling winter sports destination in the snowy season, known for its stunning panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

13. Heavenly Ski Resort at South Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Valley, Ski Resort at South Lake Tahoe 2

Another one of the areas around Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort.

14. Heavenly Ski Resort Mountains, Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe winter scene mountain

Another one of the areas around Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort.

15. California Grapevine and Interstate 5 Freeway in Snow

Aerial of California Grapevine and Interstate 5 Freeway in Snow

When snow blankets the California Grapevine area along Interstate 5, it transforms the typically bustling freeway and surrounding rolling hills into a rare and striking winter landscape.

16. California Grapevine and Interstate 5 Freeway in Snow

California Grapevine and Interstate 5 Freeway in Snow

Another one of the Grapevine area.

17. Mt. Shasta

mt shasta

Just look at this beauty!

Mt. Shasta in winter stands as a majestic, snow-capped beacon in Northern California, drawing the eye with its imposing and serene presence amidst the surrounding wintry landscape.

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