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California Is Home To The World’s Largest Monopoly Board (And You Can Play It!)

Did you know that California is home to a giant lifesize Monopoly board? 

Picture yourself as a real-life game piece, moving across a board so big, each step takes you from one iconic property to the next. 

It’s a place where the thrill of passing “Go” and collecting $200—or the dread of landing in “Jail”—becomes a full-sized adventure. 

But where exactly is this gigantic game board? 

Keep reading to find out how you can roll the dice in this larger-than-life game.

Where Is It?

HarshLight / Flickr

You’ll find this gigantic Monopoly board in the heart of San Jose. Its official name is ‘Monopoly in the Park’.

Specifically, you’ll find it inside the charming Discovery Meadow. 

This lush, green park is part of the larger Guadalupe River Park and Gardens, a favorite spot for locals. 

Daniel Ramirez / Flickr

It’s located right by the Children’s Discovery Museum, making it easy to spot. 

Here’s the full address: 330 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95110

If you’re in downtown San Jose, you’re just steps away from stepping onto the world’s largest permanent Monopoly board. 

HarshLight / Flickr

Whether you’re coming from the city center or traveling from elsewhere, getting there is pretty straightforward. 

There are many public transportation options and there’s also ample parking nearby if you’re driving in. 

What Is It?

Travis Wise / Flickr

This giant Monopoly board in San Jose isn’t just any old board game – it’s a Guinness world record holder. 

Recognized as the world’s largest permanent Monopoly game, it’s an impressive sight that stretches an enormous 930 square feet. 

The board includes all the familiar features of the classic Monopoly game: properties, railroads, utilities, chance and community chest spaces and even a jail corner. 

HarshLight / Flickr

It’s made from huge granite slabs and even features a jumbo dice, giant houses/hotels, fun hats shaped like the pieces and even a jailhouse garb!

The corner properties weigh a whopping 236 pounds and even the side properties still weigh 140 pounds.

HarshLight / Flickr

Each space and feature is made from durable, brightly colored granite which makes sure it’s resilient against the weather.

The history of this colossal board dates back to the late 1990s when it was created for the 1992 San Francisco Garden & Landscape Show.

HarshLight / Flickr

It was then moved to San Jose in 2002.

They had a vision of bringing the board game to life in a new, interactive form. 

The board is nothing short of a masterpiece with its vibrant colors and detailed artwork that faithfully represent the original game’s design. 

HarshLight / Flickr

Giant dice and enormous game houses/hotels that players can move around add to the immersive experience. 

It’s a hit with families, gamers or just anyone looking for a unique, fun-filled day out. 

How Do You Play?

Susan Smith / Flickr

Playing Monopoly in the park is a bit different from playing the board game at home. 

Here’s how you can join in the fun on this giant board…

The Monopoly in the Park is open to the public, just like the park itself. 

You can visit and see the board any time during park hours, from sunrise to sunset. 

It’s completely free to see the board and take pictures of it but you do need to pay if you actually want to play it.

To roll the giant dice and wear the hats that look like pieces, you need to reserve your spot. 

You can book the board for special events like birthday parties, team-building exercises or just a fun day with family and friends. 

Both large and small groups are welcome!

Visit the Monopoly in the Park website to find out about availability and make your reservation.

There is a fee to play on the board. At the time of writing it costs $300 per game and this gives you a 3-hour timeslot.

The fee covers the use of the board & pieces as well as the staff who need to set up and run the game.

It is a non-profit organization so any profit made is put back into maintenance.

Be sure to check the latest prices when you make your booking.

You do need to book at least 30 days in advance. 

Once you’ve booked the board, playing is easy. 

The game is played just like the Monopoly you know but with you as the game pieces moving around the board. 

The game set includes giant dice and wearable piece hats to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Additional Tips

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and water, especially on sunny days, as the board is outdoors.

You should also wear comfortable shoes since you’ll be walking around the board.

Plan for a game time of about 2 to 3 hours to get the full experience.

Get ready to “pass Go” and collect your fun at this larger-than-life Monopoly game in San Jose!

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