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Ultimate Naples Bucket List – 45+ Things To Do In Naples, Italy

Visiting Naples soon and don’t want to miss out on anything? 

Don’t worry, I’ve put together this ultimate bucket list of the best things to do in Naples, Italy so you don’t have to spend ages researching things to do. 

From underwater Roman ruins to colossal fortresses, this list includes every must-do activity in Naples.

Naples Bucket List – Things To Do In Naples:

  1. Climb Mount Vesuvius! This legendary volcano famously erupted in 79 AD destroying the town of Pompeii. Today you can hike this volcano for epic views. Book onto a half day tour of Mt Vesuvius.
  1. Take a day trip to the nearby island of Capri. On this charming island, you can enjoy stunning hilltop views, Roman villas, harbours and so much more. Why not book onto a tour like this one
  1. Visit the medieval fortress Castel Sant’Elmo located upon a hilltop. You’ll get breathtaking views of Naples from above. 
  1. Visit the ruins of Pompeii, the ancient city destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. You can see the remains of the city including an impressive amphitheatre. Get a fast-track ticket to avoid the queues.
  1. Delve into ancient history at the Naples National Archaeological Museum. They have a range of artefacts from ancient times including Pompeii, Herculaneum and ancient Egypt. 
  1. Explore the underground Catacombs of San Gennaro. This network of tunnels and passageways contains ancient crypts and graves.
  1. Delve into the history of Naples by visiting Castel Nuovo. This ancient castle dates back to 1279 and was once home to the Kings of Naples.
Castel Nuovo
  1. Admire the beauty of Cappella Sansevero, a stunning chapel that contains lots of artwork and sculptures. 
  1. Visit the oldest fort in Naples, Castel dell’Ovo. This impressive fort stands on its own island that has since been connected to the mainland by a road.
  1. Discover the ruins of Herculaneum, the lesser known city that was also destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Book onto a tour to make the most of your trip. 
  1. Head out on a street food tour and sample the best food that Naples has to offer! Why not book onto a tour, like this one.
  1. Wander around Naples Harbour. It would take just over an hour to walk from one side of this busy harbour to the other. There’s plenty of docks, ports, yachts and boats to see.
  1. Take a seat in Naples’ main square, Piazza del Plebiscito. There’s a lot to see here including the Royal Palace and the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola
Piazza del Plebiscito
  1. Step inside the Royal Palace of Naples.
  1. Spend a night at the opera! San Carlo Theatre, built in 1737, is the oldest continuously active opera house in the world. This prestigious venue is the perfect place to spend an evening.
  1. Treat your tastebuds to a Neapolitan pizza! This is a special type of pizza made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.
Neapolitan pizza
  1. Get lost in the Spanish Quarter of the city. This busy area is full of culture, character and a lively atmosphere, you can do some shopping or sit down for a bite to eat.
  1. Take some time to visit the local markets. It’s a great way to see how the locals of Naples live. 
  1. Admire the main church of the city, Naples Cathedral. 
  1. Head over to the La Pignasecca Market, a vibrant bustling market that captures the true essence of Naples. This market is also Naples oldest street market and a great place to grab some street food.
  1. Eat at the world’s first ever pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba.
  1. Take a ferry to Sorrento, a town that overlooks the Bay of Naples. The town itself is perched atop cliffs right by the ocean. It’s like something from a fairytale.
  1. Get lost in nature at the Botanical Garden of Naples.  
  1. Explore Naples Underground, this fascinating tour occurs 40 metres below the city of Naples through a labyrinth of ancient tunnels. You’ll be taken on a journey through 2,400 years of history.
  1. Step inside the stunning San Domenico Maggiore church. Built back in 1324, this beautifully decorated church sits amid the old town of Naples. It’s a great place to see some renaissance artwork. 
Outside San Domenico Maggiore
  1. Admire the Basilica of Santa Chiara, the largest Gothic church in Naples. It was built between 1310 and 1328.
  1. Discover the Tammurriata which is an Italian folk dance. You’ll see this dance in the streets during festivals and cultural events such as the Tammorra Festival.
  1. Visit Piazza Dante, a large public square dominated by a magnificent statue of Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet. You’ll also find bars, cafes and market stalls where you can purchase a souvenir. 
  1. For nightlife, the best place is Piazza Bellini where young locals gather each night to drink and socialize. 
  1. View the ruins of the Ancient Greek city of Neapolis which can be viewed in Piazza Bellini. 
  1. See the charming port and traditional fisherman boats at Marechiaro
  1. Visit the Veiled Christ in the San Severo Chapel Museum. This breathtaking statue was carved in 1753 from a single piece of marble.
  1. Visit the street where it’s always Christmas, whatever time of year you visit.  Via San Gregorio Armeno is famous for it’s artisan shops selling handcrafted nativity-scene figurines. 
  1. Try a sfogliatella, a pasty filled with ricotta that resembles stacked leaves. 
  1. Step inside Villa Pignatelli, an elegant 19th century mansion turned museum. It once belonged to several noble families and now gives visitors an insight into the lives of it’s previous owners which included princesses! 
  1. Wander through the Bourbon tunnel. This tunnel was originally dug in 1853 as a secret royal escape route but was later used as a wartime bomb shelter and then a dumping ground for wartime rubble and old cars.
  1. Visit the eerie Cimitero delle Fontanelle, a network of caves and tunnels that was used to bury 40,000 people who died in the Great Plague of 1656. Here you’ll find towering piles of skulls surrounded by gifts, candles and rosaries. 
Cimitero delle Fontanelle
  1. Buy some chocolate from the famous chocolate shop in Naples, Gay Odin
  1. Wander down Spaccanapoli, the main street of the city. It’s filled with shops, restaurants, churches, monuments and more. 
  1. Stop at Toledo Station, it’s widely considered to be the most beautiful metro station in Europe!
  1. View the Certosa di San Martino, a former monastery which now acts as a museum. It sits atop Vomero Hill, overlooking the city of Naples. 
  1. Head up Posillipo Hill for epic views. This would make the perfect Instagram photo as you can see the colossal Mount Vesuvius towering over the city of Naples.
  1. Check out the Gaiola Underwater Park, a marine area that contains the remains of several Roman villas. You can go snorkelling here and explore the Roman ruins or take a boat tour. 
  1. Admire Naples from the water and go out kayaking! You will get the opportunity to explore the coastline, caves, Roman ruins and even an ancient village! 
  1. Relax in Parco Virgiliano, a scenic park located on Posillipo Hill. This green oasis is the perfect place to sit back and gaze out over the stunning views of the Bay of Naples. 
Views from Parco Virgiliano
  1. Sit down for a coffee at Naples’ oldest cafe, Caffe Gambrinus. This famous cafe has had many notable guests over the years including Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemmingway. 
  1. View the monumental Fountain of Neptune in Municipio Square. 

Thanks for reading this ultimate bucket list covering 45+ awesome things to do in Naples. 

How many can you tick off?

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