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Hoi An Bucket List: 40+ Things To Do In Hoi An, Vietnam

Are you visiting Hoi An soon and don’t want to miss out on anything?

Don’t worry, I’ve put together this ultimate bucket list of the top things to do in Hoi An so you can spend your time in Hoi An exploring, rather than researching what to do next. 

How many can you tick off?

Hoi An Bucket List – Top Things To Do In Hoi An

  1. Purchase a tailor made suit or dress! Hoi An is known all around the world for affordable tailor made clothing.
  1. Get lost in the stunning old town. You can either take your time and walk around or hire a bicycle. You can even book yourself onto a tour, like this one.
Photo by Pete Walls on Unsplash
  1. Admire the beauty of the Japanese Covered Bridge, an ornate, intricate bridge that was built in the 1590s by the Japanese community to connect them with the Chinese quarters of the city. 
  1. Attend a lantern making class. There’s plenty of lantern making workshops around Hoi An. Click here to book a workshop now.
  1. Take a sunset boat ride along the Thu Bon River. It’s truly magical. Click here to book onto a tour.
  1. Visit Hoi An on a full moon. All the shops, restaurants and bars in the Old Town switch off their lights and instead use candles and lanterns to illuminate the town.
  1. Spend a day relaxing on An Bang Beach. 
An Bang Beach
  1. Explore Hoi An’s interesting history by visiting the Hoi An Museum. You’ll find tons of pieces here that tell the story of Hoi An’s past. 
  1. Explore the Old House of Tan Ky. This house has been preserved since the 18th century through 7 generations of a Vietnamese merchant family.  
  1. Wander through the Old Town after dark and see how many illuminated lanterns you can spot! These make for a perfect Instagram photo. 
Lanterns in Hoi An
  1. Grab a coffee at a rooftop cafe and watch the busy streets below. Faifo Coffee is a great place to try. 
  1. Take a cooking class and learn to make some traditional Vietnamese dishes such as pho or banh xeo. Click here to book a class.
  1. Shop for locally made handicrafts at the Hoi An Central Market. It’s also an excellent place to try some street food!
  1. Visit the Fujian Assembly Hall, originally built in 1690 as a meeting place for residents of Hoi An who were originally from Fujian in China. 
Fujian Assembly Hall
  1. Spend a day relaxing on Cua Dai Beach. This used to be the most popular beach in Hoi An but it has become much thinner over the years due to coastal erosion meaning less people visit. 
  1. Get out of the Old Town and explore the surrounding countryside. The best way to do this is to hire either a motorbike or bicycle and ride alongside the river. You’ll pass rice paddies, mountains, small villages and even secluded beaches!
Photo by Pete Walls on Unsplash
  1. Admire the beauty of Quan Cong Temple, a 17th century Chinese pagoda temple.
  1. Take a day trip to the My Son Ruins, a collection of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples that were built between the 4th and 13th centuries. Click here to book onto a half-day tour of the ruins.
  1. Stay in a homestay! Rather than staying in a hotel, why not stay in a homestay with a local family? It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about local Vietnamese life and make some friends too. 
  1. Try a skewer from a local barbeque. There’s plenty of options to choose from including chicken, pork, prawns and so much more. 
Street food in Hoi An
  1. Take a boat ride to Cam Kim Island. This island is known to be the home of master woodcarvers who have worked to craft the details on many of Hoi An’s public buildings. 
  1. Eat cau lao. This dish is a Hoi An speciality. It’s a noodle dish that has been eaten in Hoi An since the 17th century. It consists of noodles, pork and greens. 
  1. Visit the Hoi An Silk Village and learn how to weave silk from the locals. 
  1. Admire the beauty of the Chuc Thanh Pagoda, the oldest Buddhist pagoda in Hoi An. 
  1. Take a ride in a traditional bamboo basket boat. There’s plenty of tours that you can join that allow you to ride down the river in a Vietnamese basket boat. Click here to book onto a basket boat tour
Basket Boats in Hoi An
  1. Take a boat trip over to Cham Island for a private tropical getaway. You can enjoy a variety of watersports here from kayaking, diving and even snorkelling amongst tropical reefs.
  1. Take a day trip to Da Nang, a wonderful city with plenty of unique things to do including a fire-breathing dragon bridge. I’ve written a post on how to get from one to the other here
  1. Try a famous banh mi for lunch. These baguettes come in a range of flavours and no trip to Vietnam is complete without trying one. 
  1. Visit the Old House of Phung Hung, a preserved historic home from 1780. 
  1. Watch a show at the Lune Center’s Bamboo Theatre. You’ll experience dramatic stories brought to life by acrobats, dancers and artistry. They really bring Vietnam’s culture and history alive. 
  1. Take a stroll along the Thu Bon River. There’s plenty of cafes and shops along the way.
  1. Learn more about Hoi An’s early history in the Hoi An Museum of History & Culture. They have a range of fascinating artefacts from huge bells, old photos and much more.
  1. Watch a water puppet show. These fun shows take place most days at the Hoi An Theatre at 6.30pm. It’s great to watch the puppets come alive and tell a story whilst they simultaneously float on the water. Click here to book
  1. Do some shopping at the Hoi An Night Market. This bustling market comes alive after dark selling everything from street food, souvenirs and clothing. 
Hoi An Night Market
  1. Head out on a sunrise or sunset photography tour to snap some out-of-this-world photos of Hoi An. There’s plenty of tours you can join, like this one. You’ll get loads of great photos to show all your family and friends when you return home. 
  1. Watch the Hoi An Memories Show at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park. With hundreds of actors and dancers, they put on a wonderful show which allows you to travel back in time and watch the history of Hoi An play out in front of you.
  1. Book yourself onto a food tour and eat your way through the town. Click here to book onto a foodie tour.
  1. Learn about the prehistoric Sa Huynh civilisation at the Museum of Sa Huynh Culture. 
  1. Try some local food by eating with a local. Click here to book to eat in a local home. You’ll be able to try local food, learn about the dishes and get to know the people of Hoi An. 
  1. Visit the Nipa Palm Forest. You can cruise along the waterways of this forest underneath large palms and foliage. 
Photo by Le Porcs on Unsplash
  1. Explore Hoi An’s fish market! Click here to book onto a morning fish market tour. There’s plenty of opportunity to sample some local specialities!
  1. Visit one of the nearby local trade villages such as the Tra Que Vegetable Village where you can learn about the daily lives of farmers. There’s plenty of other trade villages nearby that specialize in different areas including pottery and woodwork.

Thanks for reading this ultimate Hoi An bucket list which lists the top things to do in Hoi An. 

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Happy Travels!