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How To Get To Jaipur From Delhi – Complete Guide

Whether you’re following the Golden Triangle route in India or just visiting 2 of India’s most famous cities, this guide has you covered. 

This post will detail how to get to Jaipur from Delhi and includes all the information you’ll need such as prices, timetables and important information. It covers a range of options for different travellers.

So how do you get from Delhi to Jaipur?

Contents: How To Get To Jaipur From Delhi

Getting From Delhi to Jaipur – An Overview

There are 4 ways that you can get to Jaipur from Delhi. You can go by plane, bus, train or car. Here’s a quick overview of each option. 

The distance between Delhi and Jaipur by road is around 268 kilometres. This takes at least 4 hours without stopping and often much longer due to traffic.

Plane1 hourfrom $16
Train4 hrs 15 mins to 5 hrsfrom $3
Bus~6 hoursfrom $5
Car/Taxi~5 hoursfrom $90

How To Get To Jaipur From Delhi By Plane

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Flying from Delhi to Jaipur is the quickest option with the flight lasting between 50 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes. There are a few airlines offering this flight including AirAsia, Air India and IndiGo. 

AirAsia tends to be the cheapest with flights starting at just $16. I often use Google Flights to compare prices. I often find that the AirAsia website itself has the best prices.

Please bear in mind that cheaper airlines like AirAsia don’t usually include hold luggage in their prices so you will have to pay extra for this. 

Flights will depart from Indira Gandhi Airport (DEL) in Delhi and arrive at Jaipur Airport (JAI) in Jaipur. 

Of course, you also need to factor in the time and cost of getting to and from the airport.

Getting To & From The Airport

It’s super easy to get to Indira Gandhi Airport by either train, bus or car.

The train is the best option as it takes just 25 minutes and costs just $0.80. The Delhi metro runs from the airport through to the city. It is known as the Orange line and arrives/departs from the International Terminal 3 and ending at the New Delhi Metro Station.

The trains run from 5am to 11.30pm and depart once every 10-15 minutes. They’re modern and comfortable and the best bit is you don’t need to worry about traffic jams! Traffic jams are super common if you take the bus or a car and could leave you missing your flight.

Taking a car would be the fastest way, taking just 20 minutes from the centre of Delhi and costing around $5. The bus takes a bit longer, around 45 minutes but costs a minimal $0.20. 

When you arrive in Jaipur, the airport is around 15km from the centre of Jaipur. Unfortunately, there are no direct train routes to the city from the airport. This limits your options to either taking a bus or a car/taxi.

If you pre-book a taxi, you’ll pay around $3 to get to the city. You can book these in the arrivals terminal as well but you may pay a few dollars more. 

How To Get To Jaipur From Delhi By Train

If you’re wanting to keep costs to the absolute minimum then taking the train will definitely be the cheapest option as prices start at around $3. Prices vary up to around $12 for a more comfortable train. 

There are a range of different tickets available. The $3 ticket will get you a ticket in second class. Don’t expect luxury for this price, you’ll likely be sat in an uncomfortable seat in a packed carriage with no air-con for this price.

For a few dollars more, you could upgrade to something more comfortable such as a sleeper bed. 

There are many different train options with varying speeds. The fastest train will get you to Jaipur from Delhi in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Some of the slower trains will take a little longer and you’ll be looking at 5 hours.

Most trains will depart from either the New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS), Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station (DEE), Old Delhi Railway Station (DLI) or Delhi Cantonment Railway Station (DEC). Make sure you know which station your train leaves from by checking your booking beforehand as there are many different train stations in Delhi. 

All the train stations are easy to get to. The best way to get there from your hotel would be by using the metro as it’s cheap, comfortable and easy to use.

Trains will arrive at the Jaipur Railway Station (JP) as Jaipur only has one main railway station.

Where To Book A Train Ticket To Jaipur

The best place to book your tickets is This website is clear and easy to use.

After making your booking, you will be emailed an e-ticket which you can then show to the conductor when boarding the train. It is possible to book tickets on the Indian rail network website however it is a lot of hassle and very difficult to register successfully as a foreigner. It is much easier and quicker to use

It is advisable to book as far in advance as you can for train tickets as there is a huge demand for tickets in India so they are often sold out. Bookings open 120 days before departure so book as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the ticket you want.

How To Get To Jaipur From Delhi By Bus

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Taking a bus from Delhi to Jaipur will take around 6 hours. This is a pretty cheap option with tickets starting at around $6.

There are many different buses that you can take that vary in price and comfort. You can take a regular bus, sleeper bus or coach. You can even take a double decker bus.

Travelling by bus tends to be more comfortable than taking the train in India. There are many different departure times to choose from throughout the day and night.

Travelling at night can be a good option as you can sleep through the journey and save yourself some money on a hotel for the night. You’ll also likely avoid the traffic at night. Another good option to avoid traffic is by leaving early in the morning.

Be prepared for lots of traffic! 

The roads are in good condition and most of the journey is along the National Highways so it should be a comfortable ride.

The buses will usually stop for a couple of bathroom breaks along the way. It’s advisable to bring some toilet paper and hand sanitizer as many of the toilets along the way will not have these. 

Where To Book A Bus Ticket To Jaipur

You can book a bus at one of the many bus stations in Delhi on the day. If you prefer to plan in advance then you can book your bus on This website is clear and easy to use and allows you to book onto buses from many different bus companies.

After booking you will be emailed an e-ticket which you can then show to the driver as you board the bus.

It will let you select seats on many of the buses and select which pick-up point you would like. This is good because you can choose the closest pick-up point to your hotel. You can also pick the drop-off point in Jaipur. 

There are many different bus operators offering the route from Delhi to Jaipur. Some of the most popular companies include Vijay Tour & Travels, Mahalaxmi Travels and Gill Travels. These companies offer comfortable sleeper buses. 

How To Get To Jaipur From Delhi By Car

Taking a car and driving from Delhi to Jaipur is generally one of the more comfortable options and gives much more flexibility. It will likely be the most expensive option as you will have to take a taxi and there are multiple tolls on the way.

The price for a transfer/taxi will start at around $90. 

The drive will take around 5 hours and most of the journey will be spent on the same road, the National Highway 48.


What is the cheapest way to get to Jaipur from Delhi?

The cheapest way to get from Delhi to Jaipur is by train. You can get train tickets for as little as $3. This does give you a basic second class ticket but you can upgrade to a nicer carriage for a few dollars more. Click here for more details. 

What is the fastest way to get to Jaipur from Delhi?

The fastest way to get from Delhi to Jaipur is by plane. The flight lasts between 50 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes. This is also the most expensive option but prices are still fairly low with prices starting at just $16. Click here for more details.

If you’re staying in Jaipur then why not book your accommodation with You can also check out for awesome deals.

Thanks for reading this guide on how to get from Delhi to Jaipur. It covers all the information you’ll need to make this trip.

Happy Travels!