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Bora Bora Wedding Cost 2023 – How Much To Get Married in Bora Bora

If you’re thinking of getting married in Bora Bora then you might be wondering how much it will cost.

A Bora Bora wedding would be an absolute dream for most people and surprisingly, it doesn’t cost as much as you might think…

This post goes into detail on how much a Bora Bora destination wedding costs and what you should expect from your big day in Bora Bora.

Can You Get Married in Bora Bora?

Yes, you can get legally married in Bora Bora as long as you are over 18, not already married and not closely related to your partner.

Unfortunately French nationals or residents of France are unable to get married in Bora Bora. 

Anyone else, from any other country, can legally get married in Bora Bora though.

It’s also great to know that you can also get married in Bora Bora if you are in a samesex couple.

How Much Does a Wedding in Bora Bora Cost?

Bora Bora wedding prices vary depending on when and where you get married. Surprisingly, a Bora Bora wedding doesn’t actually cost as much as you might think.

The average cost of a wedding in Bora Bora is between $750 and $7,320. 

This cost is for the wedding day only and doesn’t include flights to Bora Bora or your accommodation.

It includes things like your actual wedding ceremony, flowers, decorations, food, champagne and a wedding cake.

At the lower end of $750, you’ll get a simple wedding ceremony, a marriage certificate, a wedding cake and champagne.

The more expensive weddings, on the $5,000 end, include tons of extras like a videographer, spa treatments and candlelit private dinners.

More extravagant weddings cost even more. If budget isn’t an issue then you can add in a fireworks show, fire dancing show or a lights display (including your initials).

You’ll usually get to choose where your wedding takes place. Most packages allow you to have your wedding either on the beach or in a wedding chapel.

Remember that you will also need to pay on top for your accommodation. To price this up, check out my full-cost breakdown of a trip to Bora Bora which includes a range of options and prices.

Here’s an overview of the different wedding packages available at various resorts in Bora Bora:

Here’s a useful pricing chart to compare the Bora Bora wedding cost at various resorts:

Chart showing how much wedding packages cost at various different Bora Bora resorts.
Chart showing how much wedding packages cost at various different Bora Bora resorts.

These prices are just for the wedding packages offered by the resorts. If you want to personalize your wedding day or add additional extras then it can cost more.

To see the exact costs of specific packages and what’s included, check out my post on the best Bora Bora wedding packages.

Getting Married in Bora Bora – What to Expect

Imagine getting married in a tropical paradise on a white beach surrounded by a vibrant blue lagoon? Well, in Bora Bora you don’t have to imagine it.

Whether you want to invite all your friends and family or if you want it to be just the two of you, everything is possible in Bora Bora.

Your wedding can take place at any time of day. One of my personal favorites is a romantic sunset wedding.

The best way to ensure that your wedding is perfect is by booking a Bora Bora wedding package. Most of the big resorts have options for these and I’ll go into more detail on them later in the post.

In a nutshell, booking a wedding package takes all the stress out of the day as you just tell them what you want and they sort out all the details and plan the ceremony. It’s super hands-off.

They sort literally everything from the bridal flowers to the cake and also the decorations. They can also arrange bridal hair and makeup too if you need it. 

Weddings in Bora Bora

The first thing to know is that most weddings in Bora Bora are symbolic only. In fact, all ceremonies which take place at the resorts are not legal.

This means that you’ll have to get married legally in your own country before arriving and you will then take part in a symbolic ceremony in Bora Bora.

The reason for this is due to a complicated paperwork process and the fact that you legally have to get married in a city hall under French Polynesian law. 

It is still possible to have a legal wedding in Bora Bora and I’ll explain how later in the post.

Most weddings in Bora Bora feature traditional Polynesian elements like singing, dancing, flower crowns & necklaces, Tahitian decorations and more.

This is totally optional so if you’d prefer to have a more traditional wedding then you can certainly do that too.

The wedding ceremony itself can take place in a variety of locations. The most common location is on one of Bora Bora’s stunning white sandy beaches with a view of Mount Otemanu in the background.

Another popular option is in a wedding chapel which most resorts have. These offer a more traditional wedding ceremony. 

Some chapels, like the one at InterContinental Thalasso, have a glass-floor so you can see tropical fish in the water beneath you as you say your vows. Super romantic, right!?

Bora Bora Wedding Packages Cost

If you’re looking for a Bora Bora wedding package or a Bora Bora elopement package then you’re in luck as many resorts offer these.

Wedding packages vary from more basic ones to super elaborate ones.

Bora Bora wedding packages are designed to take the stress out of your day and really bring your vision to life.

They cover every aspect of your wedding making sure it’s all ready for your big day. This ranges from the ceremony itself, flowers, cake, decorations, champagne, photos and more.

Some packages also include some super romantic extras like light shows, firework shows, traditional Tahitian fire dance shows, sunset cruises, private beach dinners and couples massages.

Don’t forget that all of the resorts are more than happy to tailor the wedding to you. 

If you want something super casual, traditional, extravagant or really Polynesian themed, they will be more than happy to bring this to life.

Here’s a list of all the Bora Bora resorts which currently offer wedding packages and how much they cost:

Check out my post on the best Bora Bora wedding packages for details on the exact wedding packages on offer.

Legal Wedding in Bora Bora

As I mentioned earlier, most wedding ceremonies in Bora Bora are symbolic only. 

Unfortunately you legally cannot get married at one of the resorts in Bora Bora as under French Polynesian law you have to get married in a City Hall.

You can still get officially married in Bora Bora but there are a few extra steps and hurdles.

Luckily there is a City Hall on the main island in Bora Bora and foreigners can get married there.

Here’s the process:

  • You must visit the City Hall of Bora Bora on your wedding day with your witnesses. This is where the legal part happens.
  • The ceremony itself is held by the mayor in French. You can have an interpreter present to translate for you if you need it. 
  • At the end, the mayor will give you an official document proving your marriage.
  • When you get home, you will need to send off this document to your national authority to formalize your marriage in your home country.

Some couples then return to their resort for one of the super romantic ceremonies either on the beach or in the wedding chapel at the resort.

The City Hall is located on the main island. Locally it is known as ‘Mairie de Bora Bora’.

You can see the location of the Bora Bora City Hall in the map below:

Map of Bora Bora highlighting the location of the City Hall.
Map of Bora Bora highlighting the location of the City Hall.

Chances are, if you’re getting married at one of the resorts, you won’t be on the main island as most resorts are located on private islands.

This means that if you want to get legally married then you’ll have to take the time out of your day to head over to the City Hall on the main island which takes you away from your wedding day.

You’ll also need to send off certain documents a couple months prior to your arrival to make your marriage legal.

These include things like an ID document, birth certificates, proof of residence etc so make sure you check with your wedding provider what you need to bring beforehand.

Here’s a quick overview of the documents you’ll need:

List of documents required to get legally married in Bora Bora.
List of documents required to get legally married in Bora Bora.

Please note that you will have to get these translated into French for them to be valid which will add extra cost.

If you book one of the resort wedding packages then they will usually walk you through the whole process and make it super easy.

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading this post all about how much it costs to get married in Bora Bora as well as some general guidance on what your wedding would be like.

Getting married in Bora Bora is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and something that you’ll definitely never forget.

Need more help planning a Bora Bora vacation?

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