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Ultimate Africa Bucket List – 101+ Things To Do In Africa

Africa is a huge continent, made up of 54 countries. There is a wide variety of things to do in Africa ranging from unbelievable natural wonders, safaris, beautiful landscapes and much more.

Read on for the ultimate Africa bucket list which gives over 101 things to do in Africa.

Contents – Africa Bucket List

This guide is divided into the following regions:

North Africa

  1. Egypt: Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, these are the oldest and the only one of the ancient wonders of the world still in existence!
Pyramids of Giza
  1. Egypt: Take a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings.
  1. Egypt: Visit the ancient city of Luxor which dates back to 3,200 B.C. It contains the tombs of many of Egypt’s most important pharaohs including Tutankhamun.
  1. Egypt: Visit the incredible Abu Simbel temples which are carved into a mountainside.
  1. Morocco: Go desert camping in the Sahara Desert!
Sahara Desert
  1. Morocco: Be adventurous and visit the Toubkal National Park, situated within the Atlas Mountain range. If you’re feeling really adventurous then you can trek to the Toubkal Summit which is the highest point in North Africa.
  1. Morocco: Visit the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, a large and elaborate oceanfront mosque.
  1. Morocco: Stay in a riad.

Riad in Marrakesh
  1. Morocco: Visit the Medina of Fez which consists of a maze of narrow streets and bustling squares. Sample some traditional foods or purchase some colourful pottery. Keep an eye out for the donkey carts!
  1. Morocco: See the blue village of Chefchaouen – a scenic town painted blue!
  1. Morocco: Marvel at the incredible Ouzoud Falls, a collection of waterfalls that all empty into the El-Abid River gorge.
  1. Morocco: Get lost in the city of Marrakesh.
  1. Algeria: Visit the city of Timgad, an ancient Roman city that hasn’t been inhabited since the 8th century. Many structures are still in good condition including the theatre which is still used for modern music shows!
  1. Algeria: Visit the natural wonder that is Assekrem. This is a picturesque high plateau in the Hoggar Mountains.
  1. Tunisia: Visit the beautiful town of Sidi Bou Said with it’s blue and white buildings that resembles Santorini in Greece.
Sidi Bou Said
  1. Tunisia: Explore the El Djem Amphitheatre ruins. These impressive Roman ruins were once the largest colosseum in North Africa and could hold up to 35,000 people.

East Africa

  1. Tanzania: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world (5,985m).
  1. Tanzania: Visit the island of Zanzibar! You can relax on the beach or head out on a spice tour!
  1. Tanzania: Visit the Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is home to a vast, volcanic crater and huge herds of zebras, wildebeests, elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos!
  1. Tanzania: Sleep in the underwater room at the Manta Resort in Zanzibar where fish will glide past your window as you sleep!
  1. Tanzania: Head out on a safari at the Serengeti National Park. Bonus points if you spot one of the big five.
  1. Tanzania: Go kitesurfing on Paje Beach in Zanzibar.
  1. Seychelles: Go island hopping in the Seychelles which is made up on hundreds of small islands!
  1. Seychelles: Visit the island of La Digue and relax on one of it’s famous sandy beaches dotted with smooth granite boulders.
  1. Seychelles: Go walking along the Copolia Trail which offers jaw-dropping views of the island’s sparkling white sandy beaches and the crystal blue Indian Ocean.
  1. Seychelles: See if you can spot a turtle on Moyenne Island.
  1. Kenya: Stay at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi which has a resident herd of giraffes! They often poke their long necks through the windows!
  1. Kenya: See the Great Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara where you can see thousands of wildebeest stampede as they migrate north.
  1. Kenya: Visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi which rescues and rehabilitates orphaned baby elephants. The nursery is open for an hour every day.
  1. Kenya: See thousands of pink flamingos at Lake Bogoria.
Lake Bogoria
  1. Kenya: Go on a snake safari at Bio Ken Snake Farm. Reptile experts will guide you and help you spot rock pythons, mambas and cobras.
  1. Kenya: Dine inside a coral cave at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant. This cave is at least 120,000 years old and has an open roof so you can also stargaze as you eat.
  1. Kenya: Head out on a cycle safari at Hells Gate National Park.

Hells Gate National Park
  1. Kenya: Take a step back in time and visit the tiny island of Lamu. It hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years.
  1. Kenya: Sample some local food. A popular dish in Kenya is irio which consists of potatoes, peas and corn that are boiled and mashed together. It’s often used as a side dish.
  1. Madagascar: Take a trip to Nosy Be – Madagascar’s top beach destination. Relax on the white sandy beaches and take a dip in the turquoise, tropical ocean to cool down!
Nosy Be
  1. Madagascar: Explore Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. It is a super unique and interesting landscape made up of needle-like limestone formations.
  1. Madagascar: Visit the beautiful Avenue of the Baobabs which is a famous dirt road, lined with rare and ancient Baobab trees. Many of these trees are more than 800 years old!
Avenue of the Baobabs
  1. Mauritius: See the incredible Seven Coloured Earths which is a collection of sand dunes that are naturally seven different rainbow colours.
  1. Mauritius: Check out the lush green rainforest at the Black River Gorges National Park.
  1. Mauritius: Experience true luxury at the Constance Resorts.
  1. Mauritius: Visit the beautiful Ile aux cerfs island, famous for its blue lagoon and sand beaches. This place is a true island paradise!
  1. Uganda: Go white water rafting at the source of the River Nile in Jinja.
  1. Uganda: Visit the Uganda Equator in Kayabwe. You can stand with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot in the southern hemisphere.
  1. Uganda: Visit the Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can head out on a safari, go chimpanzee tracking or see the famous tree-climbing lions!
  1. Uganda: See if you can spot one of the 400 mountain gorillas at the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
  1. Uganda: Why not try a rolex (no, not a watch) whilst in Uganda. This is a popular street food item that is an egg omelette and veggies, wrapped in chapati.
  1. Djibouti: Visit Lac Assal, a turquoise lake surrounded by dormant volcanoes and lava fields.
  1. Ethiopia: Come face to face with a gelada monkey in the Simien National Park. These monkeys can only be found in the Ethiopian highlands.
  1. Ethiopia: Hike up Abuna Yemata Guh to visit the chapel which dates back to the 5th century and sits upon the top of a steep cliff.
  1. Ethiopia: Visit the hottest place on earth, the Danakil Depression, where you’ll see sulphur lakes, volcanoes, lava lakes, hot springs and salt mountains. It’s like something from a movie!
  1. Somalia: See some of Africa’s oldest prehistoric cave paintings at Laas Geel.
  1. Sudan: Discover the ancient Nubian Pyramids which are older than those found in Egypt. Today, they are semi-abandoned and sit in the middle of a desert.
  1. Rwanda: Go mountain gorilla trekking!

West Africa

  1. Mali: Step back in time in Djenné, an ancient trading city with an old town that dates back to the 3rd century.
  1. Benin: Learn about the slave trade and visit the Door of No Return in Ouidah. This is a large arch, standing on a beach, that is a memorial to all the enslaved Africans who were taken to the Americas from the slave port here.
  1. Ghana: Take a walking safari around the Mole National Park where you’ll see elephants, baboons, warthogs, monkeys and more.
  1. Ghana: Take a walk along the Kakum Canopy Walk which features a series of rope-style bridges that hang from the trees within the thick tropical jungle of Kakum National Park, 130 feet above ground.
Kakum Canopy Walk
  1. Ghana: Explore the history of slave trade by visiting Cape Coast Castle. Thousands of enslaved Africans were imprisoned here to be sold to slave ships.
  1. Ghana: Try some traditional Ghanaian food such as Red red. This is a stew consisting of beans, tomato paste and flavourings including garlic, ginger, chilli and onions.
  1. Nigeria: Visit Lekki Conservation in Lagos and walk along the longest canopy walkway in Africa.
  1. Nigeria: Taste some local food. A favourite in Nigeria is jollof rice.
  1. Togo: Take a walk around the Akodessewa Fetish Market. Be warned, this market is not for the faint-hearted! It is actually the world’s largest voodoo market where you can buy monkey heads, skulls, dead birds, crocodiles, skins and more.
  1. Senegal: See the incredible pink lake of Lake Retba. Yes, it is pink and is known as Lac Rose by the locals.
Lac Rose
  1. The Gambia: Relax in a hammock on Sanyang Beach.
  1. Sierra Leone: Swim in the ocean on one of the Banana Islands just off the coast of Sierra Leone. They are named this way due to the island’s shape.

Central Africa

  1. Chad: Trek to Guelta d’Archei which is a magnificent desert oasis where, every day, hundreds of camels can be seen drinking from the water. You can also see crocodiles here.
  1. Democratic Republic of Congo: Trek one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes, Mount Nyiragongo, which has the world’s largest lava lake.
Mount Nyiragongo
  1. Cameroon: Get active and climb an active volcano – Mount Cameroon is the tallest active volcano in Africa.
  1. São Tomé & Príncipe: Visit the tropical paradise of Banana Beach in Príncipe.
  1. São Tomé & Príncipe: Gaze at the natural wonder that is the Pico Cão Grande. This is a needle-shaped volcanic plug that sits within the Obô de São Tomé Natural Park.

Southern Africa

  1. South Africa: Visit the Blyde River Canyon, a huge green canyon that you just have to see, it’s magnificent!
  1. South Africa: Take a cable car ride to the summit of the Table Mountain for epic views over Cape Town.
Cape Town
  1. South Africa: Hike the iconic Otter Trail which offers beautiful views of white, sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and endless coastline.
  1. South Africa: Go bungee jumping from Bloukrans Bridge which is one of the world’s highest bungee jumps at 216 metres!
  1. South Africa: Go diving and see the magnificent ‘sardine run’ at Protea Banks where you’ll see thousands of sardine fish migrating east!
  1. South Africa: See the penguins in Boulder’s Beach in Cape Town. This beach is home to a colony of African penguins that you can see up close!
Boulder’s Beach
  1. South Africa: Drive the Garden Route which is an endless scenic route that stretches along the coastline.
  1. South Africa: Go wine tasting in Stellenbosch which is surrounded by the vineyards of the Cape Winelands and mountainous nature reserves.
  1. South Africa: Swim with Cape fur seals in Hout Bay, Cape Town.
  1. Zambia: Be wowed by the natural wonder that is Victoria Falls – a 1,708 metre wide waterfall!
Victoria Falls
  1. Zambia: Take a dip in Devil’s Pool. This natural rock pool sits right on the edge of the magnificent Victoria Falls waterfall. It’s not for the faint hearted.
  1. Zambia: Head out on a walking safari in the South Luangwa National Park, famous for its large leopard population.
  1. Mozambique: See if you can spot a turtle or a dugong on Bazaruto Island.
  1. Mozambique: Go scuba diving on Benguerra Island! You’ll see humpback whales, manta rays, green turtles, stingrays, reef sharks, clown fish and more.
  1. Mozambique: Take a walk along a sandbar in Vilanculos.
  1. Mozambique: Sail in a traditional dhow from Benguerra Island at sunset.
  1. Mozambique: Swim with manta rays and whale sharks in the coastal town of Tofo.
  1. Namibia: Take a hot air balloon over the red sand dunes of the Namib Desert – this is one of the oldest and largest deserts in the world.

Namib Desert
  1. Namibia: Visit the Skeleton Coast – the world’s largest ship cemetery. This 500km stretch got its name from the whale bones and shipwrecks that litter this coastline.
  1. Namibia: Visit the eerie ghost town of Kolmanskop, a former diamond mining town in the desert. Today you’ll only find deserted sand-filled buildings.
  1. Namibia: Sandboard on some of the world’s tallest sand dunes in the Namib Desert.
Namib Desert
  1. Botswana: Visit one of the world’s largest salt flats – Makgadikgadi Pans. One experience to try is sleeping out on the Pans.
  1. Botswana: Walk with elephants at Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp in the renowned Okavango Delta.
  1. Botswana: Take a flight over the stunning Okavango Delta. You can also take a traditional Mokoro canoe ride – this allows you to get up close with the wildlife.

Okavango Delta
  1. Botswana: Meet with the San People in the Kalahari Desert. There are many tours which give you a chance to find out about the traditional lives of the San Bushmen.
  1. Botswana: See hundreds of elephants at the Chobe National Park.
Chobe National Park
  1. Malawi: Go snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of Lake Malawi where you’ll see a variety of tropical fish.
  1. Malawi: Visit Kande Horse where you can take a tour and ride a horse through the forest, farmland villages and beaches, ending with the unforgettable experience of swimming in Lake Malawi with your horse.
  1. Zimbabwe: Explore Chinhoyi Caves which is a collection of caves and tunnels as well as a crystalline blue pool located 50 metres below ground.
  1. Zimbabwe: Ride in a houseboat along Lake Kariba.
  1. Swaziland: Get up close with rhinos in the Hlane Royal National Park.

And that concludes my ultimate Africa bucket list with over 100 things to do in Africa!

As mentioned, Africa is a huge continent with 54 countries so the list of things to do in Africa is really endless but I hope this gave you some inspiration to visit Africa!